Success is to lead your sub-conscious and not be led

You must have read/heard a lot about the great sub-conscious that holds us all to ransom. If one can’t manifest- it’s because the sub-conscious didn’t feel it; you’ve persevered but there is still negativity omitting out of your sub-conscious; I meditated but stayed outside the vortex as the focus didn’t come from my sub-conscious, etc. etc. etc. Let me put you at ease- you lead the sub-conscious and not follow it, as simple as that. Don’t let it take over your life but let the life itself take over the reins of both, the conscious and the sub-conscious. Now, let me elucidate it further.
Sub-conscious is a reservoir of our thoughts and feelings. But where does the stock of feelings and thoughts come from? It comes from our very own powerful conscious self. We all live at conscious level but are un-ware of how powerful that awaken state is. So, often we spend it in day dreaming about aimless ambitions and trivial issues in life. For example, almost every employee dreams of punching their boss at least once during their working life. I know it’s true. This could be a temporary therapy but when this takes a more serious turn and becomes a hatred for work and colleagues, it develops in to a negative energy which affects the entire life. The sub-conscious is like a child or a student, always learning from the mother conscious and retaining the knowledge without judgements. So, what we say, think and feel in conscious state, it seeps through to our sub-conscious. Hence the consciousness is the giver and the sub-conscious is the receiver. Both have to be at the same or near the same level, to be able to manifest. However, conscious is the main player here- contrary to what many LOA coaches preach. I follow my own experience.
The main task here is not to wait for the sub-conscious to give you the green signal to act right to manifest; it is the other way round. The more you meditate and connect with your inner energy the more that energy would balm your conscious state of mind with positivity and belief. This would strengthen your conscious state to think and feel what serves you the best. When you start monitoring your conscious thoughts and challenge the negative  feelings, then you shall know that the meditation is working and you are on the right track. Soon it will become a reflex mindset, filling you with more confidence and contentment.  No need to extend and dwell any further. Let us ground ourselves and meditate first, now that we know how powerful a tool a sincere rumination is. This is the key to desiring right and manifesting it. More on how deep meditation can determine the right desire and accelerate its manifestation in the next post.
Stay safe and blessed.  
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Law of Attraction is all about Psychology

Psychology is a science of mind-behaviour and its conversion int to many sub-fields of conscious and sub-conscious to synthesise human character. In simple terms, it’s exactly what the definition of Law of attraction is. Now let’s see how.
We are what we think, what we think converts in to our feelings and how we feel determines the  conscious or sub-conscious choices in our lives. For example, my mind or conscious thought might urge me to take a particular job because of better wages but my heart or feelings remain with another trade with low pay. In such a case, even though I’ve made a ‘conscious’ decision my ‘sub-conscious’ would keep nagging me from inside. Result? I would be unhappy and dissatisfied with life despite the job perks. However, in real life I would need financial stability for a balanced life. What do I do now and how can LOA help me?
This is an exciting part to share with my readers. When I was in doldrums recently and felt that my job was generating a lot of negativity inside me which reflected in my day to day life through moods and in relationships. I practised numerous techniques that a few mentors and coach preach but nothing was working, augmenting my despondency. So, I grounded myself to introspect my needs and how best to satisfy my life. I have written at length about introspection and reflection within in other posts as mentioned in the suggestive reading below.** I meditated and submitted my desire to the Omniscient Universe. Circumstances started shaping up to deliver an unannounced opportunity for me and my husband where we had a windfall of substantial financial gains. I didn’t forget my gratitude and carried on meditating. I felt as if closing my eyes was a secret rendezvous with the Almighty and couldn’t wait for our little date regularly. Even though the finances were a decent amount, it wasn’t enough for me to leave the job. But I was happy and my belief was gathering strength with time. I knew that I was determined to attract positivity in my life and that God will bless me with success in this quest. ‘How and when’ are and will always be the final manipulation by the Karta-Purakh or the ‘All doer’, so I carried on in my part of the action – meditate and thank. The atmosphere at work place was deteriorating projecting desperation and negativity all around. This was a test, I thought. I so….desired my dream that I became one with it, especially while meditating. Out of the dark clouds burst with the showers of benevolence- I was offered voluntary redundancy with financial rewards. Exactly the break I needed. I have written about the circumstances around this in the previous post too. **  
Currently, I am living my dream of writing full time and am still meditating and thanking the Universe for the blessings, starting with life itself. As a result, the plant of positivity in my life is flourishing into luscious satisfaction. Thank you, Universe. And it started within my own mind or thoughts, my own heart or feelings, which lead me to the right choice. All grew out of human psychology.
I genuinely want to share hope with my readers so the seed of belief can be sown in the garden of every life.
Carry on with the sequence :
Listen to your sub-conscious.
Meditate at both levels- introspection and audience with your maker.
Gratitude and belief.
Focus on your desire.   
Resilience and patience.
Be ready to receive.    
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How can LOA help to overcome depression?

Medical experts have discovered numerous causes for depression: biological, genetic, age, gender, health, clinical and may be many more categories; but whatever is the prescribed reason, it feels the same – ‘restricted’ within, like in prison of your own physical or mental pain. Medicine helps to feed denial temporarily but doesn’t immunise against the greedy moroseness of the mind.
                 So, could LOA play a meaningful role to cure feeling deprived perpetually? If you have been reading my posts, then you understand the definition of Neo-LOA, as discovered by myself from own experience. People like to attract what they lack and this is the reason why millions of people are reeled in to the hope of turning their lives around. So, depression too is a condition of ‘lack’- lack of self -esteem, lack of reason to live and lack of hope. The formula to manipulate your mind set to mould your life is not a miracle but can be as simple as you would believe it be. However, certain commitment and hard work is mandatory – your personal karma. It has to begin with loyalty towards your own self- vow not to stop till you have oxygenated your life with expectations again. Then capture the feelings in meditation; find the befitting technique of sadhana  ( rumination) and practise till you feel it’s right to desire and to desire is your right. In other words, break the mental shackles bit by bit to free yourself of all those low feelings and thoughts that have imprisoned you in the dark dungeon of negativity. Now that we know where to start, let’s see how to proceed from here to liberate eternally from depression.
                 Progress with the golden rule-  FEEL FREE to feel. In other words, face your demons clearly in the day light; strengthen yourself against the foe. Now the battle starts, armour up…you WILL win! Believe me when you close your eyes and start speaking with your sub-conscious without inhibitions, the experience would seem therapeutic. It’ll start as cathartic release but don’t get stuck there for too long as you will risk becoming a victim – a tragic queen or king. It’s a fatal addiction. Move on. Acknowledge your weaknesses to nourish your determination. If someone is controlling you mentally or abusing you physically you must first snap out of the Stockholm syndrome, if applicable, to prevent character depletion. Tell yourself- no one can restraint you mentally for too long unless you give others the might over yourself by submitting. So, you’re the fearsome dominant in the situation if you allow yourself the honour. This is the most crucial threshold you would cross to reach emancipation.
                 Soon you could find yourself breathing without the ventilator of mercy by others. You have now freed yourself  truly of self-imposed confinement. At this stage you must know what to attract to reinvent life as an exciting experience. No more lack; just abundance.   

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