Law of Attraction tool- ‘Let Go’, but what exactly?

What exactly is ‘ Let go’ and why such a drama around it amongst the LOA preachers? I have heard from diverse self-acclaimed mentors to start with desiring, then followed by letting go of the very thought you so want to manifest and that would deliver your dream! It reminds me of inflating a balloon with the precious air from your own lungs and then let it fly away to vanish in the thin air. Exactly what logic of which science is that? I understand to purge your mind of obsession but this is mere putting a lid on a boiling milk- it will over spill at some point. Some mentors even go as far as advising to ‘forget’ what you’ve desired after you make a wish ! No wonder there are more failures than success stories in the manifesting experience.
                 It is against any physiological or psychological science to consciously forget what you remember. I’ve written in earlier post about my disagreement or at least how the ideology is being interpreted. I am ready to take a farther leap now.
                 I’ve concluded that let go actually doesn’t have anything to do with forgetting your desire. In fact, let go is a technique to help you focus and ground yourself for meditation. So, how does this work?
                 You need to practise to let go of any other thought except for focussing on the Power you are meditating to, for the entire duration of rumination. In other words, there should be nothing between you and your Maker when you are meditating. This is the intimate time to spend with the Omnipresent in order to offer your heartfelt (literally) gratitude, confront your worst demons and kick the mental pebbles or obstructions. Let this conversation flow naturally in your head – ask the tough questions without guilt and don’t think about the answer- you’ll hear the response silently and instinctively. However, if you have to think about what the resolution should be, then no doubt you are still in a conscious state of mind and outside the spiritual vortex. You have some more ‘letting go’ to do. Try again and don’t give up as practice shall make you perfect. Let it flow freely. When you no longer feel angry or sad and feel lighter and grounded inside by reaching the root cause of your transitory problems, consider you are ready for remedying your life since you are now aligned with own being and thence with the Lord through yourself. The best test for the theory is in surprise divulgence or something which might challenge your wishful thinking or being presented with far better options that you couldn’t think of before meditation. Also, be assured that your true desire will come up in the conversation as well for the Omniscience knows about everything in your heart that even you might not be fully aware of. For example, when I was desiring promotion at work to manifest, I realised during a meditation session that I actually yearned to leave the job and work for myself. Since leaving the job couldn’t be an option at the time, I had compromised with promotion as the alternative wish. So, I left the final decision with the Nirankar. As a result, I manifested both- soon after the promotion there developed circumstances in the company to offer Volunteer Redundancies quite unexpectedly.  I left my job with the much required lump sum and today I work for myself– I am a blogger and an author as I always wanted to be.
So, here’s how it works
1. Clear your mind of everything except that your desire will be still lingering at the back of your mind and don’t wrestle to oust it as it wouldn’t. You will end up all stressed and raise negative energy. So long you’re not distracted by it, just let your wish sit behind quietly without interfering with your main focus. Your focus should be on communication with the Nirankar ( formless power) within and through your own self.
2. Once you feel grounded and not thinking about what you are going to cook that evening or when will quarantine fully end etc. you are ready for the intangible rendezvous with God. Be honest with the Akal Purakh ( timeless Power) about your fears, your questions and all the blockages. You will feel so free and light as if a ton of weight has been lifted off your mind.  
3. After the heart is all poured out, you would be ready to receive an instant response which must be reflexive and unbiased so you know it’s not premeditated. This could occur as a thought or a strong feeling inside, penetrating through your semi-conscious to conscious state of mind. Only now consider your questions answered and believe in them. Just as all the other questions been responded to, your real desire too shall reveal itself. It might or might not be the same as you first thought. Accept it with gratitude.  
4. You must believe and feel reassured that the Power which has shown your own hidden truth back to you, has the might to manifest your real desire too.
5. So, what to let go then? The garbage of unrelated thoughts with no purpose and obsession of what you think you want. Fight them, kick them aside and tilt the balance towards productive goals. Let your desire stay but on mute and leave it free to develop into what it should be. Your desire reaches the Almighty within your own being to be nurtured in to reality, before presenting itself as abundant reality in your corporeal life. Universe shall help you in the process if only your efforts are sincere.   
6. Practise, practise and practise
till you are where you really want to be in order to manifest.     
                 Without much ado, let’s start with meditation. Happy manifesting.

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