You must establish WHY you are meditating


I will start on a positive note, and why not? After all it’s been the result of my purpose -focused mediatation! Holding the firm hand of my parent -cosmos, I took a leap of faith by quitting my day job, to pursue my passion for writing. Result? I have published my debut mystery thriller, ‘ Do The Souls Return?’ on Amazon KDP Direct, available on kindle and in paperback form currently. Why highlight? Becuase this is the spotlight of this blog. I thank the Universe foremost before I elucidate my point. I realised some time ago, that it is rather easy to get addicted to even meditation, which is nice; but meditation can’t be for the sake of meditation only, no matter how fulfilling the experience is. Meditation without a meaningful purpose is yoga or mental exercise at the very best. Before a traditionslist accuse me of promoting meditation to gain material goals, may I confess to the charge, please? Yes! That’s exactly what I am doing, and I will explain why. I have been meditating since as far as I can remember, and for many long years I was happy to just enjoy meditation for the sake of fulfilling my duty towards God and also to be accreditted as spiritually worthy. For this, I self-induced blindness with closed eyes, expecting to see a miracle without any idea of it’s identity. Still, I must admit, it had it’s own limited satisfaction. So I had formed a routine of sitting with head covered, eyes closed and stressing myself to focus into nothing, for nothing, for hours. I did practise breathing exercises, aasans and developing concentration. Result? I opened my eyes, almost always, to find that nothing much had changed, and would blame myself for the constant failure. If any of my worldly desires brushed past my thoughts while meditating, I felt guilty of wandering around aimlessly in lust for materialism. So, subsequently, I would meditate to absole my sin of desiring. This wasn’t a meaningful purpose at all. I meditated to vow my love for God, assuming that all I secretly crave for in this life would automatically be delivered by the supreme being, without me asking for it directly. While thinking wishfully, I prepared myself for the worse- just in case I didn’t recieve anything , then it would be due to my own bad karmas from the previous birth. So, meditation was founded on a very negative grounds. The so called inspiring theories were something like- ‘you, will get it only if you are destined to’ – then why do I need to pray as am already doomed or guaranteed to get it anyway?, ‘ Work hard but never expect a reward, for it’s selfish’- a mis-construed theory of selflessness. I have written more in detail about my early experiences in quest for God in my first blog – ‘Law Of Attraction Finds Me.’ It took some time to get used to ‘asking for something’ from the Omni-Potent . Once I started to validate my desires, the whole experience of meditation enhanced- I had a purpose to focus on- ‘ to desire a better life.’ The ultimate abstract energy started materialising my desires; the desires that I felt in my very bones. One of my heartfelt dreams has been to become a professional author, for a while. I had kept this yearning locked away in the un-conscious cell for a long time, as other responsibilities compelled me to prioritise my ‘duties‘ in life. But the more I meditated with specific focus, the more I have been in touch with my mainconscious ( most call it sub-conscious) and the more this dream started waking up. When it started knocking at the door of my thoughts louder and louder, I had no choice but to open my mind. Because I became ONE with my desire, the Universe blessed me with an opportunity. I have manifested my dream of becoming an Author. I do believe that one should always be happy with the current situation, but I also believe that contentment is superlative ; beyond which nothing remains to be desired. Yes, there’s a place for this stage in spirituality, but I am still at a mortal level of life. Life evolves constantly in to ‘more’ forever. Life doesn’t stay the same; it depends on an individual mind-set to believe if this ‘more’ connotates mere the ageing process or ‘more’ of wisdom to enrich life. The evolution for improvement is reached by meditating with a purpose of manifesting a burning desire. After all, we are creations of energy that vibrates at high frequency and this vibration conotates movement, which never stops. Hence, one should not stop from desiring to improve further- at least, that’s how I understood the message. So, I am extremely happy with the current results; yet continue to seek blessings of the Universe for the success of my future ventures too. I hope all those fellow voyagers who have their heartfelt desire put on the shelf due to self imposed blockages, will establish their purpose or desire first before even settling for meditation. Beyond this, sit back and enjoy the experience of feeling the vibration of high energy inside that keep us all alive and give an opportunity to align with the mother Universe. I am grateful for your benevolence my loving Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.