Does God really reside inside you?

My journey in to LOA started with thinking that Universe existed as an omnipotent energy existing in/out and around me; so while meditating I was praying to the force to align me with itself- as if this force existed separate from my own being. This was a partial mistake. I realised it, at the cost of my latest desire resisting manifestation.Not meaning that I didn’t have success with manifesting but it has been, admittedly, slower than could have been. Let me share my experience with you all- my valuable readers.

I asked my deep- conscious the reason for stalled manifestation; and desired to know the resistance blocking me. And there it was! Manifesting itself loud and clear to me! Here is what manifested itself during a complete state of perfect harmony within, while meditating one day. It is true that the mother Universe created me out of it’s own energy, but this was not to create a separate but rather an independent entity with a whole Universe inside me, as in case of every one of us. This is what the global religious message means when it proclaims that ‘God resides within us and not with out’, and that ‘ Go inside to find God’. This is the Universe that we need to align our individual conscious self with. The relationship between the Conscious mind and the spiritual mind or the ‘My’ Universe within, is like the relation between the blood and the heart in a body: blood by itself can’t circulate through the body to keep it alive unless the heart purifies and pumps it around every organ. It is similar to our conscious imagining and flittering through random thoughts but not all these thoughts reach reality; until focus and action pump life in to these thoughts to manifest them as real. This focus has the energy and when the energy vibrates it becomes your only conscious. The equation is simple: Conscious ( your every moment awareness of the material world around you, representing the blood in the analogy) + sub-conscious ( The focus or energy within or the heart in the analogy) = your very own UNIVERSE or GOD, all within yourself! Now our entity is complete and vibrating, so we get aligned with the parent Universe, ‘The Omnipresent God’, that created every man and woman in its own form. This is so simple yet requires committed practice and belief to manifest the thought, before you can become a magnet for abundance. How do I know this works? Well, it has already manifested one of my imminent desires pertaining to my health issues. I was so fed up with the chronic sinusitis and constant headaches for years that I asked my GP to refer me for further tests, and guess what- after thorough investigation, the ENT consultant confirmed that I DO NOT suffer from sinus at all and couldn’t explain the former diagnosis! While I was mulling over the thought about a second opinion, my headaches seem to have just vanished in to the thin air; one day, then one week and now two months- still no headaches, also a couple of other tests came all clear ( I rather not go in to every detail)! I have been desiring good health for some time, with hit and miss results( I have mentioned about it in the previous blog). What’s more? I feel consistently happy within and receive greater stimuli to augment my positiveness constantly. No wonder I enjoyed the best Christmas with my family this year, and hope you all did too. How will you know that you are aligned with your Universe within? You will know when your conscious feels ‘whole’ and settled, and not vague as normal, hopping from one wishful thought to the other. Your self-confidence will exalt and you feel self -reliant. Your intuition will become sharper, or what you might call a ‘gut feeling.’ You will not stop from asking questions, obviously, but every single time you will get the answer that will work for you. You do need to gather your focus and meditate regularly though, or these are just many of those words that you hear but don’t listen to and read without understanding them. Try sincerely and with positive mindset. You can leave a review for this blog, which is volunteer, but nice to share your experiences with fellow voyagers. I know I have the most successful year ahead. Will keep you all posted with progress. In the meantime, a very happy and prosperous New Year to all the readers.

Can Universe be described by academics alone?!

Law of Attraction has, in the very least, opened up our thoughts to reflect on the definition of the Universe. The essence of The Law of Attraction is to manage our mind-set positively, along with experiencing how our conscious in its absolute state functions. The more we can actually feel its function, the more our desires manifest. But who or what fulfills our desire? The Universe. So who or what is this Universe? Every theory circulating at the moment might be inconclusive in itself, but collaboratively we might have just scratched the surface. Before I add a drop of my own thoughts to the ocean of a magnanimous subject , I would like to mention a few theories first, so as to give a wider perspective to the readers. A Physicist claims that the Universe is nothing but ONLY Physics; and affirmed in absolute terms that there are 4 fundamental forces of nature; yet recently a new 5th force has been discovered, which has now raised speculations of more forces existing that await discovery. So, Universe is not yet just Physics, conclusively . A Mathematician might describe Universe through its Set theory, Category theory or Type theory. I doubt that Math can calculate all my mind’s add ups and subtractions, yet. Philosophy speaks about the ‘totality of existence.’ Over decades philosophy has raised itself as a study of Cosmology, describing the Universe as a duality of physics and astronomy. Finally, I’ll mention Psychology for describing the Universe in its spiritual sense. This, to me, is in the least, the most conclusive theme tune for my quest- through the study of the ‘spirit’, in its physical and incorporeal state. So my understanding is – the Universe is all the colourful picture that these subjects paint it to be, and then also reflect a lot more shades we human beings have yet to discover. We haven’t even understood fully as to how our individual mind works in its width of thoughts and depth of emotions. I believe that all these theories carry some essence of truth but it’s still work in progress. I feel, Guru Nanak has defined the Universe well- It is ‘One’ ( Call it God, Universe, Force or by any name- it is THE ONE) , it is ‘The Truth’, it is the ‘All-Doer'( Omni-potent), it is ‘Fearless’, it is ‘Without Hatred or Prejudice’, it is ‘Timeless'( Omni-present), it is ‘Outside the cycle of Birth & Death’, it is ‘Un-breakable’, it has ‘No Beginning and No End’. To continue in to this journey through meditation is the door to finding out what more is our Universe; and most of us will, probably, stay in this journey during their life-time without ever reaching the destination of the un-known. May be this is what Universe means- endless in all aspects, and then some more. I am very happy to carry on with this journey; and why would I want it to reach an end? Don’t you think so? Happy meditation to all my readers, and may the spiritual quest be extremely pleasant for all of you, regardless of which academic thesis or text become your guide.