Can Universe be described by academics alone?!

Law of Attraction has, in the very least, opened up our thoughts to reflect on the definition of the Universe. The essence of The Law of Attraction is to manage our mind-set positively, along with experiencing how our conscious in its absolute state functions. The more we can actually feel its function, the more our desires manifest. But who or what fulfills our desire? The Universe. So who or what is this Universe? Every theory circulating at the moment might be inconclusive in itself, but collaboratively we might have just scratched the surface. Before I add a drop of my own thoughts to the ocean of a magnanimous subject , I would like to mention a few theories first, so as to give a wider perspective to the readers. A Physicist claims that the Universe is nothing but ONLY Physics; and affirmed in absolute terms that there are 4 fundamental forces of nature; yet recently a new 5th force has been discovered, which has now raised speculations of more forces existing that await discovery. So, Universe is not yet just Physics, conclusively . A Mathematician might describe Universe through its Set theory, Category theory or Type theory. I doubt that Math can calculate all my mind’s add ups and subtractions, yet. Philosophy speaks about the ‘totality of existence.’ Over decades philosophy has raised itself as a study of Cosmology, describing the Universe as a duality of physics and astronomy. Finally, I’ll mention Psychology for describing the Universe in its spiritual sense. This, to me, is in the least, the most conclusive theme tune for my quest- through the study of the ‘spirit’, in its physical and incorporeal state. So my understanding is – the Universe is all the colourful picture that these subjects paint it to be, and then also reflect a lot more shades we human beings have yet to discover. We haven’t even understood fully as to how our individual mind works in its width of thoughts and depth of emotions. I believe that all these theories carry some essence of truth but it’s still work in progress. I feel, Guru Nanak has defined the Universe well- It is ‘One’ ( Call it God, Universe, Force or by any name- it is THE ONE) , it is ‘The Truth’, it is the ‘All-Doer'( Omni-potent), it is ‘Fearless’, it is ‘Without Hatred or Prejudice’, it is ‘Timeless'( Omni-present), it is ‘Outside the cycle of Birth & Death’, it is ‘Un-breakable’, it has ‘No Beginning and No End’. To continue in to this journey through meditation is the door to finding out what more is our Universe; and most of us will, probably, stay in this journey during their life-time without ever reaching the destination of the un-known. May be this is what Universe means- endless in all aspects, and then some more. I am very happy to carry on with this journey; and why would I want it to reach an end? Don’t you think so? Happy meditation to all my readers, and may the spiritual quest be extremely pleasant for all of you, regardless of which academic thesis or text become your guide.

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