Law of Attraction: Determination begets belief begets manifestation

My sister told me a parable which invoked passion for my desire at another level. Once upon a time there were two men in a village named Ram and Deen. Deen was mischievous and Ram was a happy go lucky man. Ram was a worshipper of a Hindu deity called Shiva and went to the village temple to light a lamp every evening without fail. When Deen came to know of this he made it his personal mission to sneak into the temple and put out the earthen lamp. Ram was oblivious of Deen’s actions. This continued for a long time. Both men were happy that they were successful in their mission. One day it rained heavily and the village was stuck by a thunder storm. Ram looked out of his window and wondered, “The weather tonight is bad. It must be a sign from Lord Shiva to tell me not to go to the temple. I light the lamp every evening. One day won’t make any difference. ” So, he cancelled his routine for the evening. Deen didn’t know about Ram’s plan. He too looked out of his window and thought, “ It’s rather a nasty weather outside. But I can’t miss. If I fail, then he wins. So, I have to go at any cost.” The rain drenched him, the winds pushed and pulled him, he stumbled over the broken trees, he slipped a few times and grazed his knees, he fell and hurt his forehead, he was bleeding but he kept going . At last he reached the temple. He looked around but the lamp was not even lit. Just then he saw a bright light where stood the stone statue of Shiva! There now stood Shiva himself! Deen was transfixed and after a moment managed a whisper, “ Who are you?” “ I am the Lord of this temple,” replied Shiva with a smile. Before Deen could absorb the miracle, Shiva spoke again, “ Ask me for whatever your desire is, my son. It shall be fulfilled.” Deen was confused. He asked, “ But Ram is the good one. I just wanted to win.” “ So, where is Ram now?” Asked Shiva and said, “ You believed in your desire. You committed to achieve your goal. So, you won. Now it’s only fair that you get what you think you deserve and I shall grant it.” In the meantime, Ram slept deep, leaving his task to another day.
                 I think the message here is loud and clear. The impact of this story led me deep within to question my commitment and belief towards what I desire. I have a refreshed zeal and enthused motivation now. I shall carry on passionately till every pebble of resistance explodes with the light and Nirankar blesses me with my desire.
                 I wish manifestation for all my readers, but it’s only you yourself who can make it happen.          

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