Law of Attraction: Manifesting desire at Micro & Macro cosm levels

I have discussed the concept of desire and manifestation at different levels many times in my blog before, but today I would like to share the scope of desire at two different levels.                                             Let me start with what is a Micro and Macro aspect of a wish. Deriving from Greek terms, Micro means ‘small’ and Macro or ‘makros’ means at a large scale, while the word cosm is defined as Universe or world. In the light of these definitions, when you yearn for something for a personal fulfilment, it would be at a Micro-cosm stage since you are a small entity in the whole of Universe. When you desire something for the wider community or the world, it is obviously a wish at a larger scale and is thus a Macrocosm thought. However, both these stages are within the spiritual realm.
                                          I’ll further elucidate it with an example. Everyone is desiring and manifesting perpetually throughout their life and so have I been conscious about this fact since practising Law of Attraction. I’ve had variance of successes depending upon my commitment to the desire. Even though we mostly wish for our personal dreams to come true, we also desire for the greater good too from time to time. This is being an empathetic person.
                                         Currently, the whole world is facing the unique invasion by COVID virus and you must have seen charities and individual volunteers trying to help others in various ways. In UK services of NHS health workers and charities like London Food Alliance have served the mankind in one of the direst situations the world has faced in recent history. So why did they feel compelled to act selflessly to help a stranger without any direct personal benefit? Simple explanation is that they are acting from a higher spiritual plain. Their desire to help is an act or Karma motivated at a Macrocosm level.
Recently, I’ve come across a couple of other great examples of macrocosm desire to help  humanity in difficult situations, even at the cost of personal inconvenience and financial cost. Last week BBC in UK reported a charity organisation called the Khalsa Aid, a Sikh charity for serving free food to thousands of those truckers who were stuck at the Dover port as France government refused their entry due to a new Corona variant discovered in the UK. This is a pure karma at a high level of humanity and thus spirituality. Also, the Farmers Protest in India is paving a way to revolutionise a new way to agitate peacefully. This has been possible only with public-spirit of compassion and empathy for others. Once again, it’s seen charities like Khalsa Aid, Hemkunt Foundation ( also a sikh charity organisation) and many humble hearts donating anonymously towards the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for the participating farmers. Volunteer service towards others is only possible by stepping outside the notion of ‘I’ and in to the mind-set of ‘ Their’. This is when the desire transcends from ‘Me’ to ‘Them’. When we start feeling the life , the pain, the happiness and love in another, we start seeing presence of the Omni-Power in us. This is also called spiritual evolvement.
                                           Macrocosm desire doesn’t always have to be at a mega social level or even involving just human beings. Charity towards animals is equally a sublime act generated out of Macrocosm of spirituality.
                                        The process to manifest both, the microcosm and macrocosm desires is exactly the same- One must establish the exact desire, feel it deeply and believe in its reality.
                                           If a selfless desire is for the benefit of someone else then ‘what is in it’ for the desirer? My answer would be in another question, ‘ What is in it for you in any desire’? The answer is ‘abstract satisfaction’– For example desiring to earn more money for ‘I’ and ‘My’ family is actually to manifest happiness, contentment and peace. Similarly, if I desire to help a blindman cross the road it would actually be motivated by my wish to feel the satisfaction derived from such an act. My desire would be manifested after getting to the other side of the road. The incentive to fulfil any material wish is to achieve a happy state of mind. So, true manifestation is in what the emotions feel.
                                        There is another lowest level of desire which crosses over both, micro and macro Cosms.  For example, if I wish to adopt a kitten stranded outside in the cold I’ll do the action of picking up the kitten and bringing it home. This act should make me feel happy, content and at peace for doing the right thing. However, if I do exactly the same act but my motivation is not to help the kitten but to gratify my own ego to tell others about my great deed, then I wouldn’t say that this is true manifestation as it won’t keep me happy for long as I’ve adopted a liability in the form of a kitten which shall hinder my peace of mind sooner or later. It’s the same with any charity where a person yearns for recognition for the good deed. There would still be manifestation but not of the physical act committed but of the bad karma created. Hence, it’s so important to establish what to desire and why at both, Macrocosm and Microcosm level

Spills from Life: Farmer’s protest in India: A battle ground or a unique village of brotherhood?

No Farmer > No Food> No Life

           Many of you might already know that there is a farmer protest taking place in India against the three anti-farmer bills enforced by, as seen by many people , the ultra- Right- wing  nationalistic government. These bills would make the poor farmers even poorer by privatising the market for the crop produce in the hands of only a couple of Industrialists ( in the country of two billon population!), who are said to be favoured personally by the upper crust polity.
                  Farmer’s plight has remained the same under most governments, regardless of which political party since the Independence in 1947. One of the current reasons is that only about a meagre 2% of the total National budget is invested in to the farming sector despite the fact that India is an agrarian economy where about 60% of the population depends on agriculture directly or associated businesses. Thousands of farmers have committed suicide since the 1990s but no one has listened. I think the cup of patience is over-spilling now and hence the protest!
However, I would like to focus on and highlight the uniqueness of this peaceful protest in its magnitude.
                   There are over 300,000 farmers protesting unitedly from all the four corners of the country. One would think ‘it must be dangerous to visit India at the moment and not just due to corona, but also due to the tall flames of the agitation engulfing the country’, at least as the ‘parrot reporting’ media might like us all to think. The government controlled media and political machinery is working day and night to spread anti-farmer propaganda to defame the agitation to be seen as instigating violence and anti-social activities. Farmers from Punjab are even labelled as ‘terrorists’ by the corporate controlled media. But thank God for the Technology! 🙏 We are able to see what is happening in reality within and around the protesting camps via smart phones,  YouTube channels, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Many Non-resident Indians, celebrities and officials have visited the protest sites for first hand views and posted videos via social media for the world to see.
                  The Sikh farmers from the Punjab region of India were protesting for over two months in their state but the government remained unperturbed. So in the end, the Unions decided to call for ‘Delhi Chalo’ or ‘ Let’s march to Delhi’, to be heard by the centre from the centre of the country. The Punjab farmers were the first group to have reached the borders of the capital on the 27th November 2020 and were welcomed with Water cannons, Tear gas, Lathi charge or truncheon-beating by the ‘democratic governance’ 🙄. These farmers consisted of men, women, children, and many elderly and also disabled protesters. So, who is the violent side and showing not just anti-social but also terrorising tendencies? It is clear from the live videos from the protesting field. Once again, thanks to the technology for smart phones and social media. There is after all a positive contribution by the social media to society; one has to be responsible with how to use it.
                  Now, farmers from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and many other states in the country have also joined the march and have reached Delhi from diverse borders; Delhi is truly encircled by the farmers and their families. All sitting peacefully yet showing their opposition to the strangling bills. I would love to share the scenes from this magnanimous and harmonious human camp.     
                  As far as the eye can see one witnesses a wave of colourful turbans, shawls and green scarves symbolising the colour of farmers! Thousands of farmers have travelled with their families on foot, on tractors, and whatever means of transport is available. Fortitude is showing through every smiling face. Community food is being cooked day and night in enormous cauldrons on handmade earthen ovens and open fire not just for the protesters but the homeless and the slum dwellers in the surrounding areas; however what tops this is the fact that the farmers are offering tea, juice and food to the same police officials who perhaps had raised the baton in attempt to break their backs. It is not the place where outsiders are bringing charity to help the workers on strike, but these are the self-sufficient protesters who are also offering free food, free clothing, free medical treatment, even shoes to the poor children visiting the site from the local poor localities. With well build marquee tents installed with warm beddings, designated toilet facilities for men and women, even dressing areas equipped with mirrors, especially for the sikh gentlemen tying turbans. Every need is taken into account. The atmosphere is more like a fare and looks like a tranquil mini village. Has anyone even seen a protesting site like this before? I can’t imagine.    
                 Security is of prime importance and round the clock vigilance is held by the volunteers. Only certain certified volunteering agencies are allowed to assist with essential services, like the Khalsa Aid which is a recognised International body of Sikh volunteers. Of course, such service to humanity comes natural to the sikh community, who have travelled to Syria to help with volunteer aid, offered service to the flood victims in Pakistan, fed hundreds of homeless and Nursing home patients in the UK with food and essentialities during the Corona lockdown, and hundreds other such services in the world. The mindset for service and valour is instilled in this community as almost a natural instinct from birth. They have a rich culture build by their spiritual Gurus and ever since the Sikhs try to live their lives by those progressive teachings. Latest addition to this Nishkam – Seva ( selfless service) is the massage machines for those tired but determined feet, washing machines and medical aid, including providing free prescription medication.
                  Not just Sikhs but Hindus and Muslims too have joined now to sculpture this historic monument of Peace.  Farmers claim that they have come prepared with ration that could last for at least six months to feed all. It seems where Sikh farmers have led the protest, Muslim and Hindu volunteers too are joining in to give strength to this protest which seem to be fast swelling into a revolution but a first revolution which is so peaceful.
                  The protest is so well organised that the volunteer groups are patrolling around the clock for anything suspicious that might destroy the peace within the camp and have caught a few un-wanted and anti-social elements who were not part of the protest nor had any business to be there. Such people have been caught and handed over to the local Police who don’t seem to have taken much action in such cases . There has been calculated suspicion from within the protester groups that the Secret agencies had sent in a few spies which has made it difficult for the Police to clarify the matter any further. Well, an educated guess would be that the unwanted non-farming element was sent in by the government agencies to smear the image of this protest. So much for a Democratic governance in the world’s biggest Democracy! I believe that despite all the political manipulations, it won’t be as easy now as was the cover up of the 1984 genocide of Sikhs or the 2002 Muslim genocide in Gujarat or forever carving divisions amongst the majority Hindus and other minorities for political gains. The world is watching the real events now and we all KNOW the truth.   
                  The world can learn a lot from this protest : How to maintain peace and brotherhood despite the diversity, help each other selflessly, organise with discipline so no outsider can take advantage, stay vigilant and abide by the Law but know your Rights too, and above all- Stay positive and determined.  
                  No one could distort the image of smiling faces cooking, cleaning, helping and praying together regardless of the religion. It’s not a common protesting ground but the farmers have created a unique village of humanity. What the political leaders couldn’t do in over 70 years of independence, our simple and hardworking farmers have done in a few days- ‘united the country under one banner!’ This is true democracy.
                  Bravo all the farmers including men, women and children who have become part of this peaceful confluence. May God bless the country of farmers and hardworking people. Nowhere have I seen before such an example of mega streams of love, brotherhood and harmony forming into an ocean of a Peaceful Protest! This is no hyperbole to say that this unique protest is truly the eighth wonder of the world ! May Almighty also bless the political leaders with enough sense not to stir a tsunami out of the serene tributaries.
                   Let justice and peace prevail.      

Spills from life: Enigma of Guru Nanak’s simplicity

                            Please read the article to the end for understanding the complete purpose of my writing. It was Guru Nanak’s birthday on the 30th Nov and for those who don’t know who he is, Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikh philosophy and first of the ten Sikh gurus. He was born in 1469 in India, more than four centuries before the country was divided in two- India and Pakistan.
                           His message contained of the spiritual truth as well as social reform through purging of the mindset. If we think right, we build healthy society which creates collective good karma pushing the doors of spiritual enlightenment open. One of the Guru’s founding messages can be understood through the following verse:
Aval Allah Noor Upaya – Everything is created out of radiance of the same energy
Kudrat ke sab bande– All humanity belongs to the one radiant spiritual power
Ek Noor se sab jug upjaya– From the ONE light originated the whole Universe
Kaun Bhale kaun mande– Who can then judge who is good or who is bad

                           But something really perturbed me about the relevance and effects in the current world of what the great Guru preached and practiced for the good of all humanity,  and not one sect, one caste, one class or creed in the manmade society. While browsing through the net, I came across a couple of bemusing questions based on the verse I’ve just quoted above. One lady asked , ‘ Why is a Sikh Guru writing about Allah’s greatness?’ The other person commented, “ It’s obvious that Guru Nanak was actually a Muslim peer (saint) and not a Sikh, because even he is praising and praying to Allah!” In fact, the Hindus have also been claiming that Nanak was born in to a Hindu family. All these innocent people haven’t quite grasped the essence of Nanak’s message of establishing equality and peace in ONENESS of humanity and preaching to the world the mantra of ‘Ek Omkar’, meaning that God is ONE . These are the first two words of the holy book of Sikhs, called ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. In Hindi and Punjabi language Guru means teacher and Granth means Book; this epic compilation of hymns and prayers is adorned with the title of Guru because it contains the true words of the saints and the spiritual Gurus.
                             Now returning the focus back to the comments above, let me clarify, rather proudly shout from top of the roof – ‘ Brothers and sisters, Guru belongs to all humanity and his message is about equality and peace for ALL! And the literal meaning of the word Allah is GOD!! Not a Muslim God or Sikh God or Hindu God or Christian God or any other God belonging to a particular religion, but just a generic and universal abstract entity.  We all need to step out of the little pond and feel the vast ground under our feet or we’ll remain going round and round like a toad in a puddle.  
                          I would also like to pre-empt another potentially simmering question in a wandering mind : Why is Guru Nanak considered to be a Sikh Guru if he didn’t represent any particular religious institute? I’ll attempt to explain.
                          Guru Nanak didn’t set out to start a new religion. In fact, he introduced a new thought in the contemporary Brahmin ( A supposed upper most caste in Hinduism) dominated orthodox society enforcing its religious and social superiority over the masses in India. Brahminic anarchy was blessed by the Monarchy of the time and together they strangulated the down trodden masses. Any breath left in them was sucked out by the class- pyramid of discrimination. This is not all, women were the exploited sex in every existing religion, class and caste. For example, Sati was the most heinous of social rituals and customs in the Hindu culture of that time – It meant that when husband died, the wife was forced to enter the burning pyre alive and self- immolate as a symbol of her eternal love for the husband. Blood curdling? Yes, to say the least but Guru Nanak raised the first voice to campaign against such a senseless inhumanity. He wrote (As translated into English) :
From woman, man is born;
within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.
Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.
When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.
From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.
(Guru Nanak, Page 473 of Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh holy book).
                               This was one in the series of Guru ji’s teachings, reform movement and spiritual guidance. After Guru Nanak’s physical departure from this earth, the baton was passed on to the subsequent nine Gurus.  Those who sought Guru’s teachings  were called ‘Sikh’ or Gursikh. The Punjabi word sikh  means ‘to learn’ and Gursikh means Guru’s Sikhs or teacher’s students
                              So, the Sikhs are followers of all the ten Gurus, currently represented collectively by, ‘GURU Granth Sahib’ The most unique feature of this Granth is the fact that  though the hymns and prayers in the holy book are  predominately written by the Gurus themselves, it also contain verses written by many Sufi and Hindu Saints, as a symbol of ONENESS of God beyond the demarcations of religions. Because of Guru Nanak’s religion-less spiritual thoughts, Muslims consider him to be their Peer, Hindu Sindhis  believe in his teachings even without calling themselves Gursikhs, the converted Christians in India from Punjab believe that Guru Nanak is a saint in their faith. It’s the universal appeal of Guru Nanak’s thought that all the major religions have made a claim to this great name. Many people do not know that even the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, who baptised the Sikhs in to becoming the Khalsa or the Pure, also had Muslims and Hindus amongst his followers, without changing their religion. What does that mean? Well, the tenth Guru preached that so long one is true to humanity, is true to his individual religion, in line with Guru Nanak’s teachings. There was no ‘conversion’ enforced, so Sikhs became Khalsa out of free will. The Khalsa Sikhs ( baptised and called Singh ) and Sikhs ( all those who believed in the teachings of the Gurus) coexisted as Gursikhs. It is the case even now.
                                    I am pre-empting another question of a sceptic mind- ‘ Why create Khalsa if anyone from any religion could also be a sikh, as per the tradition since Guru Nanak?’ I’ll need to give a synopsis of the historical background to explain this point. The Mughal rulers in India at the time were forcing the Hindus to convert to Islam or face death. Hindus and Muslims looked alike and when Muslim armies used to attack, the Hindus tried to save their lives by pretending to be Muslim so their lives could be spared. But the unique identity with the beard and turban inspired pride in self and courage to fight for their just rights. Guru Gobind Singh wanted to prepare a strong mental state which would not accept injustice and  oppression. So along with building the spiritual character, he also demonstrated how to raise one’s spirit and achieve freedom which is every human being’s right. Isn’t this pure spiritualism? Isn’t feeling free within and outside the ultimate state of mind to become One with the Almighty? When a Khalsa Sikh stood in front of a Muslim soldier, he was instantly recognised, without any doubts. So when one is faced with the enemy there is no other option left but to stand firm and show the tenacity to fight back to defend yourself and  fellow humans. Encouraged by the success of many victories in the battlefield, a number of people from diverse faiths joined Guru Gobind Singh’s army and followed Sikhism in its principles. The tenth Guru sacrificed his four sons, mother and father to win the cause against injustice. In fact, five of the ten Gurus directly led the struggle in the battlefields against all the contemporary oppression of the defenceless innocent people in the Indian region. Sikh Philosophy is like the two sides of the same coin, named Miri and Piri by the fifth Guru, Hargobind Singh- Miri means the political or worldly power ( only Just power that is used to save and defend in order to restore peace to all humanity) and Piri means quest for spiritual truth . And it all started with the progressive thought of Guru Nanak for the good of all.
                                          So, Guru Nanak  demonstrated that social justice, recognising personal rights as equal human beings, living with dignity were the foundation stones for building belief in self which prepares the right mindset to connect with God.  A true Sikh wouldn’t disrespect any other religion or spiritual philosophy. Only if we human beings could stop being possessive and obsessive about ‘whose God’ is greater, this world could be a beautiful place to cohabit blissfully. After all, it’s a journey together and not a contest.
                                   Hope I’ve explained my context in simplicity, even though the subject matter is as deep as the ocean and no one can count every drop in it. I can say categorically that I am happy to be a Sikh, a novice student who shall continue to try on the path shown by the Gurus , even if I limp through most of it.  
                                     Sikhism belong to all – after all aren’t we all Sikhs of the faith we follow, regardless of the name of the religion?