Spills from life: Can we ever eradicate racism?

            I was watching a YouTube video called, ‘ The lie that invented racism’ by John Biewen while speaking at Ted Talks. It was refreshing to hear such a novel perspective of this age old issue that has created so much antagonism, woe, hurt and mistrust amongst the same family members of HUMAN clan for generations. This article is inspired by John’s thought provocation.
            Rather than dwelling too much in to detail of the whole speech, I would love to explore the highlights that froze me to undivided attention. So, take the most comfortable position in case it has the same effect on you. 😉
            John said that it’s not about a white person ‘feeling guilty’ about slavery or racism as history is not fault of everyone living today. John carries on to say that it is about ‘taking responsibility’.
            This concept of responsibility goes deeper in its connotations for me. But I think it’s relevant to first explore how racism was born,  at least as per the first recorded chronicles.
            Racism is an invention of a lie based on the fake theory that whiteness is superior. This seed of thought was sown in chronicles written by Zurara during the reign of King Edward of Portugal in the 15th century who commissioned this diabolic propaganda which, like a pied piper, led the mankind in to the abyss of inhumanity. It is not a rhetoric or a conspiracy theory but a fact recorded as history. This post might not be for those who support denial or refusal to accept; I request them to feel free to exit reading at this point, as I don’t mean to offend but can’t force truth to wear garments. Carrying on, the reason for this propaganda was to help business of slavery flourish for profit, which made racism a tool for the slave trade at a global level.
            To boost this evil plan, it was essential to create division amongst coexisting human beings. So, the Africans were chosen as the scape goat and described by Zurara as the inferior race and the white skin colour was imposed as a sign of superiority. Thus, the then innocent human psyche was corrupted for the first time in racial terms. There have been diverse divisions amongst the human race at various levels but this was far the most dangerous, long- standing and far reaching weapon of mass destruction ever invented.
            Morally this claim was wrong from the beginning and even scientifically there is no evidence to support Zurara’s claim. Humans started their journey from Africa, another un-twisted fact from real history.  So, how did variation in skin colour develop?  Simple scientific reason is in our movement around the four corners of this earth. Those who travelled to the northern and darker areas gradually turned lighter due to loss of the skin melanin, but the ones who stayed in Africa or moved to the southern hemisphere remained darker due to the amount of melanin retained. So there is absolutely no basis for superiority or inferiority just founded on the colour of the skin.
            But unfortunately the rhetoric influenced a particular mass of men and women and thus racism, based on colour, became an efficient tool to manipulate the human race at large by few controlling forces at the top. We have to snatch the power from the few top dogs and stop our own exploitation. To ignite a change is our collective responsibility.
            But it’s sad that this tool is still very much a divisive technique politically, socially and financially even in today’s world. Afterall, isn’t it another form of slavery in the current society where your thought is subjugated and programmed by the faceless masters, regardless of the colour, creed or nationality? In fact, when we talk about infliction of white superiority, the idea wasn’t just forced upon the black masses but the white population was brain washed in to believing this too. So both sides were equally affected by the manipulation but the consequences were categorically contrast for each side. Nevertheless, both sides were divided to be exploited for the benefit of a small elite community. What we need is a unique effect that would have a universal consequence for all human beings. But how do we get there? The hounds of hatred have broken all barricades and have bitten a considerable human mindset, whereby the populace is kept busy hating and fighting with one another while the few profit from their oblivion of the truth. The only anti-dot for such a strain of rabies is mutual understanding and open dialogue.
We can do it as many of us already recognise a common factor – we all share exploitation at the hands of the same establishment globally. Let’s march forward together from here.
            What I understand by the term ‘responsibility’ from John’s speech is for ‘all the white population to join the voice’ against this shameful smear on the fabric of humanity. We need to wash this stain out together. Cleansing human conscious is our collective responsibility.
            Fortunately, more and more of white fellow- human-kind is joining the chorus and the other side has begun to hear, but a long way to go still before they actually listen and understand it too. Acceptance of the harsh truth when madness danced naked and demonstrated the ugly debauchery of the sunken soul, would be a battle won before winning the war. We would be united truly when no one defends, denies, mitigates or cover up what has been  happening in reality. All must clench their fists and raise them together to proclaim that what had happened was WRONG and IMMORAL and thus must be ended so that no sadistic thought ever dare to step over the threshold of our minds again.  Acknowledgement too is our collective responsibility.  
Yes, racism is nemesis of all collective humanity weakening en masse systematically. I, as a non-white person, am not interested to fester never ending grudges, however I would expect, as a matter of decency, humanity and respect for the truth, that the white fellow beings stand together with me and all those who were at the receiving end of the shameless history. Thus Standing together too is our collective responsibility.
            Is it too much to ask? Don’t think so. Anyone with conflicting view is entitled to an opinion but I have to say- I really don’t care, as I desire to move forward and not slow down by mulish arguments of wordy dribble. Standing at the common line is the only starting point from where the race (no pun intended) begins to claim the victory. We have to run together and win this marathon. This is our collective responsibility.
Exploiting the space is an intellectual achievement, no doubt but let’s strengthen the foundations of our home on planet Earth first before hoisting another flag of victory on a new planet. To build peaceful life on earth is our ultimate collective responsibility.

Law of Attraction: Sometimes just affirmations are enough

                   When you feel the affirmation, even one is enough  

1 I am improving myself on daily basis, mentally and physically.
2. I have the power to change.
3. I take care of myself.
4. I am successful.
5. I am constantly grateful to the Universe for all I have.
6. I believe in me.
7. I love and respect myself and seek qualities in others to respect and learn from.
8. I feel close to myself.
9. I am at peace with who I am.
10. I choose to forgive myself and others.
11. I have the capacity to pull myself through in to the positive state of mind.
12. I am youthful beyond the age of numbers.
13. I nurture my desire as a child.
14. I live in the Present.
15. I am the co-creator of my life.
16. I practise meditation every day.
17. I love the Universe inside and around me.
18. I have moved on from my Past.
19. I am on the path for a better future.
20. It’s ok to feel all my feelings.
21. I take responsibility for my life.
22. I am brave, wise and ready.
23. I am healthy with strong mind and body.
24. I am grateful for my life and that of my family.
25. I feel abundant.