New launch on this blog: ‘The Spills from Life’

I am thrilled to launch a new angle to my blog- ‘ The Spills of Life’! This is aimed at sharing any emotion, experience or issue one may feel is ‘better out than in’. Emotions can push a person over the edge and yet, can also rationalise a problem to restore equilibrium. So, the aim of introducing another perspective to my site is to share those aspects of life which might first appear to be merely some troubling whispers but their constant rumbling can deafen a person. No issue in life is too small to be ignored and no issue is big enough that it can’t be resolved. My posts would appear on my blog under two different headings: 1. ‘Law of Attraction’, followed by the sub-title of the article and 2. ‘ Spills from Life’, followed by the sub-title of the article. This would make it easier for the readers to choose their preference. I aim to post the first article tomorrow on the topic of ageism.  Hope for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you in anticipation. 


  1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    1. Thank you, dear Philip. ❤

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