Seek ‘what’ is God, not ‘who’ is God

Yes, it’s my belief based on my own experience that I speak of, but if anyone out there could benefit from the spiritual truth that I’ve discovered then I shall consider the contentment multiplied through sharing with the fellow seekers.
There are so many names given to the Omni-god and it’s impossible to keep up with it. Moreover, the diversity has created as many rifts as the titles given to the individual interpretation of the Almighty. We have become territorial with our chosen lords and deities, guarding them with the weapons of intolerance and hatred for others who have a different spiritual visionary interpretation. Unfortunately, this is not even remotely anywhere near spiritualism
There is a combination of ignorance and hypocrisy in our psychology, at both conscious and  unconscious level which has clouded our vision of God. For most of us who seek God through the religious path, God is humanised with supernatural powers. All religions have parables with fantastic characters, heroes and heroines with inflated super capabilities. Of course, the only real part of the stories are the messages conveyed through ,symbolic qualities of the characters, which are majestic and sublime. However, we human beings have forgotten the actual meaning of the celestial potency and are just following the  bravado. As a result, we’ve got entangled in personalities of these mythical characters and have started contention to prove whose story and character is better to win the Oscar for the best God. Everyone claims that God is one but insist that their God is THE one. It is more like hero worship or cult. It’s amazing that the ones in the front line of such contests know the least about the teachings or the morals of their religion, except claiming vociferously to be superior to others. This stems from inner ego which is an extremely negative state of mind and hence no way near spiritual realm.
I have thought high and low about the reasons for such imperfection in our psychology and thinking. I thence concluded that the fundamental flaw is how we ‘perceive’ the concept of God, regardless of which image or idol we believe in. In other words, we seek to find ‘who’ is god and when we can’t see nothing in the vast nothingness, we paint our imagination in a fantastic supernatural form. Every such image Is a creation of human mind, just like giving birth to a child. Every mother loves her own child more than others and like a possessive and over bearing mum, we are smothering our individual faiths too. As a result, the godly image or the child is growing in to a spoilt brat of a religion. Look around and there are so many brats running around in our society currently – Again, I am not talking about the spiritual aspect of any religion though . My aim here is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or attack any religious institute. In fact, I am NOT denouncing the ‘what’ concept of a religion, but ‘how’ we are interpreting symbolism and misleading the younger generations is certainly questionable . It’s one baton we are passing on to lose the race for sure. Religion in its rigidity should not be an inheritance, but the values it characterizes should be passed on to the progeny with an open ended clause for a prospect of evolution of spiritual advent. I am not going to address God as a gender or species, which reduces the spirituality in to a mortal mode.
We need to revolutionise our outlook, if we wish to create a more peaceful world around us. Start with seeking ‘what’ is the meaning of the term God, and not ‘who’ he/she is. In every religion, our favourite deity/image/personality/ Devi/ deva etc. is attributed with mystical powers and POWER is an abstract and intangible concept. So there is a common ground in all faiths, i.e. God is power! This is the only and a huge tick amongst the many crosses. So, let’s take advantage of this rare common conscious value and develop upon the notion of abstractness of the Omnipotent , the all-powerful.
So, how would I define power? It means an ability or capacity to do something grand and if this power is incalculable, it un-veils the cosmic potency. The power we are seeking is neither born nor ever dies- so this is what ‘Akal’ (beyond the time) Murat (image) means. All religionists would agree that the god of their imagination is timeless, casteless, creedless and classless. If anyone thinks otherwise, then perhaps spirituality is not the subject for them to pursue. So, Akal-Murat or Brahma or Omniscient confirm the existence of  an inestimable energy or power which has begotten All Life on this earth and this potency is what Almighty or God means. Energy cannot be seen but felt ; just like the oxygen cannot be seen but felt in the action of breathing which keeps us alive. So, we need to ‘feel’ God even if we can’t see it. This is ‘what’ god is – no colour, no form, outside the cycle of birth and death, no hatred, no fear, no prejudice, no beginning, no end. Hence, it is the ‘All-doer’, ‘Beyond time’, ‘Just and Fair’, ‘Benevolent’ and ‘Merciful’, to name a few of its attributes.
In case, we would like to accredit an image to visualise the concept of God, as beginners, then whatever your preferred portrayal, it should stay within your own mind and not painted ostentatiously for a public display. Once we have understood ‘what’ the Universe is, then and only then we can discover ‘who’ we are and what our relationship is with our Maker, one another, all living beings and with Earth itself. Once we have crossed this threshold in to the realm of spiritualism, we could, if we would like to, continue with symbols and dress codes but NOT to depict divisiveness but to present generic values and love for the same Power and Energy in diverse expressions and ways. Remember that candle, electric bulb, Sun are all sources of light and it’s the light that end the darkness, not the tool.  
I found my faith and peace in the freedom of abstractness rather than ritualistic exhibitions or socio- political banner flaunting. There are many who have found the right path. Give your own life to save another being if need be, but don’t kill a child of your own creator in the name of saving God’s honour!  This would only  imply that your God isn’t capable of defending self. That infirmity can’t be All powerful, I must stress. God doesn’t need our protection and it doesn’t have any enemies- remember the Universal power is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. We must stop hiding our own villainy in a spiritual guise.  
I must end on a positive note- there are more people amongst us who know this Truth than those who are marching through the darkness aimlessly. I trust the Universe to guide through its light the misled children back home. We are all one in seeking the only power of the ONE God. This, in my experience, is ‘what’ spiritualism feels like. Peace be with all my brothers and sisters on the planet.   

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