Patience is the key to Law of Attraction as rush is the action of devil

I’ll pick from my last post about how to train the conscious to take the lead over the sub-conscious and talk about an easy method to achieve this.
                            Consider your conscious self to be like a post office and your thoughts are the letters (details) , along with your feelings like the post cards (descriptive and concise). Whatever you’ll write and whichever scene you’ll drop in the post box, only that would be received by the sub-conscious.
                           So, the process of Law of Attraction starts at the thought level– as the brain never sleeps while we are alive, we don’t stop thinking and thus ceaselessly attract and manifest that attraction. In order to attract the right goal we need to think right. Positive thought begets positive feeling. One of the effective ways to enhance positivity is by regularising the process of thinking in both cases: thinking too much on one issue or cramping up too many thoughts in a small space of time. The dearer the wish, the slower the pace of thinking and the deeper the feeling shall be. There is a lot of truth in the old saying, ‘ Rush is the action of devil’.
                       As an effective way to promote good digestion and metabolism, dieticians recommend that one should chew solid food 32 times and obviously soft food in proportion. The same way, certain decisions require deeper thought and other mundane choices require lower emotional engagement. For example, I need to ‘chew’ on my thoughts slowly while deciding what is the real aim of my life but I would decide quicker whether I should have toast or cereal for my breakfast. So, when you are finalising your desire, slow right down so your choice makes your life abundant and is not just a temporary quick fix. This requires thought engagement; thought engagement requires introspection; introspection requires a 360 degree analysis of your goal and finally all this would require time and focus. Please be kind to yourself and make patience your virtue to achieve success. Here meditation becomes relevant and in fact, mandatory.
                       Therefore when I heard and read about the so-called methods to manifest instantly I didn’t completely buy the concept, unless you have achieved the level of focus and instant visualisation for comparatively lower impacting manifestations, like ‘I missed my bus and would hope for the next one soon so I am not late for work’, etc . However, prior to  achieving even this goal you would have had developed your level of meditation, involving patience and thus, time. If you want to manifest your life long desire then I would say that ‘anything and everything is achievable’ provided your preparations are thorough. So, don’t rush yourself. Remember the 32 bites.
                       Once your conscious starts acting on these thoughts, feel that your letter is written and the post card signed. Your sub-conscious will  receive the post and you’ll be transported into the vortex. At this level, manifestation is inevitable. Just don’t shy away from investing a sincere effort in to it.

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