My progress, my manifestation.

My book ‘Do The Souls Return?’ in BOOKCASE store Chiswick, London- thank you Universe.

The aim of this post is to share with all my lovely readers a short and a sweet message- Manifestation might not be delivered as one big package, but will progress consistently. The more you meditate, the more you strengthen your belief and the more the dream/desire grows into a reality. My desire grew to become an author with Amazon and Draft 2 Digital publication. Yes, it was fulfilling, especially with the response from the readers. Then my desire grew further to spread my ambition to a wider audience and see my book on a shelf of a book store. So I desired, meditated to present my wish to the Nirankar; so the desire was heard and manifested, as seen in the picture above, in BookCase store of Chiswick high street in London. I am currently awaiting even a wider circulation of my first book, pending meetings with a few book store managements and publishers in the coming week. As always, my motto is to share with hundreds of fellow seekers that : ‘Believe in your desire , meditate daily while investing in the corresponding action to the best of your ability (I have defined Action in another blog) and then let go to receive the next instalment of your manifestation. We all have experienced that it is easier said than done, especially in the beginning, but you will be surprised how simple manifestation can be once you get the hang of it. Happy manifestation to all.

Is it really important to Let go ?

Manifestation starts with perseverance to build a mind-set of patience, submission, acceptance, focus and then diligently try to believe that it is already happening- only it’s not! But you don’t give up because you desire to materialise your dream. After much persistence, you are successful to develop a habit to visualise; however your spirit still awaits materialisation of your current desire. Wait is frustrating, creating a vacuum. As if this was not enough you are also advised to ‘let go’! But how? Why release something from your grip that you so desire? Before you realise, you are beginning to feel frustrated. It’s a bit like the first time you loosen the grip of the little hand of your child and unfold the clasp to leave her/him in school in the care of the teacher who is going to give your child all he/she will need to succeed in life. Sounds familiar? Good, as it is exactly how the pang of letting go of your desire feel like at first, yet it’s the best way to manifest your dream and enrich your life by leaving it in the care of the Universe. This is exactly why it’s best to let go a bit to gain a lot more. Still, how exactly and what does it all mean? I would like to share my own experience to elucidate further. While I was disappearing slowly but surely in the quick sand of scepticism something within prompted me to calm down, put the questionnaire to the side and connect to my inner self. This is what I’ve discovered- Let go of your tight grip around your desire as you are squeezing the life out of it. Think about your desire by visualising your dearest dream, but set a time and time limit to do so. I visualise once a week, while in the process and rest of the time I keep myself occupied and busy in other interests in life. Imagine an anaconda wrapped around your desire and every time the Universe tries to give it air to breathe and live to grow, the anaconda of your desperation tightens around it even more. Instead, be gentle with it. Most people love the beauty of a butterfly, but you don’t grab it in your fist as you will kill it; instead you let it rest on an open palm and let it fly to pollinate the garden of your life. Once I was aware of the repercussions of my own thoughts and actions, I found it easy to let go. However, I still need to master this technique further. The best way to do this, I’ve learnt, is to pick another scene from the tapestry of life. Give yourself another focus or project, for example, develop a hobby or pick up a book of interest to read, socialise with positive minded people, cook your favourite dish….in other words just do anything else rather than constantly thinking of your desire -remember the anaconda grip. So, to summarise- don’t listen to those who preach to ‘forget’ or pretend to forget what you actually are asking for, as this is absolutely against the normal functionality of a human brain. You can’t deliberately forget something, so don’t even try. Just divert your attention elsewhere after visualising your desire for a bit every day/every week or however you’ve set aside the time for it, without obsession or anxiety. Above all look around and you’ll realise that there is a lot you should be thankful for to the Almighty, and be happy with your current life. Ask for even a happier and even more fulfilled life. To conclude, do not forget to meditate and be grateful to the Universe at every step and every level of your journey. Let go and manifest. Amen.