Law of Attraction : Feeling guilty or better by seeing less fortunate?

                     I grew up listening to adults saying, ‘Don’t waste; think of those who have nothing,’ ‘Be grateful for what you have; look at others who are less fortunate,’ ‘Be thankful, it could be much worse’, etc. etc. I understand the aim behind all these theories of moral mentation, but a question raised its logical head and I couldn’t ignore it. I wondered, ‘Should I feel guilty about looking at less fortunate to make myself feel better? Is it even moral?’ Once again, Nirankar blessed me with a response from within, which satisfied my curiosity. However, receptivity to my theory is absolutely reader’s free will.
                     I’ll explain with an example: in case you desire more money in life, it’s best not to ‘compare’ own current situation with anyone else’s circumstances. If you measure your pocket against someone more fortunate, then it’ll only magnify your feeling of deprivation, and if you think of a poorer person’s misfortune, then poverty would still be your immediate focus. In both cases, you would be attracting impoverishment as opposed to prosperity that you really desire. What I now understand from the moral lectures of the wise adults is – ‘Don’t waste, because whatever you have is by blessings of the Universe,’ ‘Be grateful for your current life, as you must build upon strong foundation,’ ‘Be thankful, as gratitude radiates positivity which is instrumental in manifestation of desire’, and ‘ feeling guilty has no place in spiritual realm, as its origin lies in negativity’. The morality in life, in this context, means to nourish Empathy rather than condescending attitude, Humility rather than ego and Contentment rather than perverse hunger. This is so because when we empathise, we could offer solace without ‘sharing’ someone’s misfortune. In other words, you offer to influence the other person with your own positivity, rather than walk under the cloud with them. Desire, but not to fan own ego, and to be grateful for now is like ploughing the grounds of life, in preparation to sow desire.
                    To summarise, I would say that one must focus only on own life, and not compare our situation with anyone else. Think about fellow human beings, only in the context of selflessness in helping them, however you could without pressure. I thank God for his blessings and also pray for the welfare of others. Thank you, my elders, for telling me about the precious half-truth about life, and my gratitude to the Nirankar for teaching me the other half. I desire to improve life by my own standards. I feel contented.