Law of Attraction: Understand Self-conceit vs Self-respect, to ground your energy

What you see is your world

We’ve heard of phrases like, ‘ Take pride in yourself’, and yet ‘ Hubris leads to downfall’. Pride is a common factor in both, self-respect and self-conceit; but the amount of pride varies in both these conscious-concoctions. When a person is confident in his mind’s morality, it reflects through his thoughts, which convert into corresponding feelings and finally reflect in through his actions. For example, I would like to progress and elevate my current standard in life, then I would think of honest ways to invest my deeds to achieve the goal or desire. May I also clarify here that action does NOT mean 9 to 5 labouring only, as discussed in my other blogs time and again; but it could very well mean your best material efforts along with mandatory ‘meditation’. The action has to resonate with your moral senses and the meditation must be an introspective connection with your inner most self, which we loosely know as conscious. This stage is the helipad which uplifts your vibration to connect with the Universal frequency. One can manifest ‘only’ at this stage. The feelings or mindset generated thus, ignites confidence, which further strengthens our belief in self and through self in God/ Universe/ Nirankar…….(choose the best name that agrees with you). This is the definition of Self-respect, in my experience of spiritual journey.
                              Now, let’s see what ‘conceit’ bears. We know that venom has been used in many medicines, yet, poison is also seen as a catalyst for death. What does it mean? Simple- it’s the quantity and constitution of the substance that forms the demarcation between ‘saving life’ and ‘taking life’. Similarly, while self- conceit curtails character; self-respect blossoms our whole entity. We’ve already established the definition of self-respect. Hence, ‘too much of everything is bad’, is such a profound statement. I’ve already written a post about distinction between Confidence and Over-confidence, showing that while confidence helps to build a positive belief; Over- confidence topples every storey of our faith. Whether it’s self-confidence, self-respect or belief in self; these are all the necessary building blocks for manifestation.