Law of Attraction: How to Let Go easily

                    I can absolutely tell everyone that I struggled not once but a few times to ‘let go’. After hit and miss successes in the beginning, I tried a technique which to this day has helped me to take my mind off the desire I am praying for. For those who might be confused at this point and wondering why would one let go of something one wants? It’s important to understand the concept of Let go first. Let go does NOT mean forgetting, as you might have heard from a few self- acclaimed pundits of LOA. It never works to consciously try to forget anything. It’s just not even scientifically or physiologically possible. Try it yourself to confirm. ☺ I have already written an article on Let Go  (‘All it requires is focus variability to Let Go’) and can be read in conjunction with this post, which might assist to further understand the topic in hand.  
                    After I desire for something I go through the whole process of introspection and retrospection to see if my desire is morally justified and would in fact enrich my life. Once my desire has been nurtured and it has bloomed, it’s time to let go of it till it is returned back to me by the Universe in its adult form or manifested state. In the meantime I self-impose a period of time for myself to meditate but only to thank the Universe for what I have in the absence of what I’ve desired for lately. I started with a period of a week, then eleven days and last time I prayed for 40 days only to offer my gratitude to God. The experience received has been pure bliss and quenched my sub-conscious. This technique would compel you to look deeper in to your present life and find a lot of hidden treasure that we over look and forget to be thankful for, like life itself, lives of your near and dear ones who enrich your life with their presence, your skills and capabilities which have helped to find the right job for you, every time you smile and laugh it makes you feel content, etc. etc. Small things impact life in huge ways. This practice has also coached my conscious to be patient and grow spiritually.
                    So, ‘Let Go’ in LOA does not mean abandoning of a thought. All it means is that you clear your conscious mind of a constant thought about the desire to prevent obsession. You must push it into your sub-conscious for safe keeping. For example, you leave your baby with your partner to be able to go to work. At work, you focus on your work to keep your job secure. Does that mean you don’t love your child because you left him at home? Or that you forgot about having a child all together? Of course not. What it means is that if you don’t work, you can’t feed the child you love, which requires to leave that child behind and shift your focus from the child to work for a few hours of the day. Similarly you need to put the desire in the safe arms of the sub-conscious while you must shift the constant focus to your current life and thank God for it. Consider this to be your job. The blessings by the Almighty are the wages that would feed your desire to grow in to adulthood. This is what Let Go means- a temporary shift of focus to positivity. Gratitude is must and mandatory to turn your dream in to reality. (Please refer to my previous post, ‘Grow your desire in to manifestation don’t let go prematurely,’ ‘ Let Go but what exactly’ and ‘Let the sub-conscious lead’.)  
                    One has to be prepared to receive what one has desired for. The technique of ‘self-imposing a period of time strictly to thank the Universe’ has been the best way to prepare myself to let go wilfully before receiving the blessings.  
                    You can try too. You have nothing to lose, I promise.😉🙏    

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