Law of Attraction: What does it mean by becoming ONE with your desire

Various expressions have been used to express that one must ‘feel’ the desire, be ‘passionate’ about your desire, ‘recognise’ what your desire really is, and in my version- ‘become one with your desire’, etc. etc. I would like to discuss HOW to become ONE with your desire and WHY.  
When I first started manifesting, I struggled for a long time. I’ve written a lot about ‘struggle’ in my previous posts, if anyone would like a reference. Anyway, I had to connect to my inner self through meditation and gradually I began to go deeper and deeper. I went through various stages of interpreting, what I thought at the time, was my contemporary desire. But at every stage, I realised that a part of me was not actually convinced with ‘this is what I really wish for myself.’ I knew I need to persevere and get in touch with my deepest level, what I realised later was my sub-conscious. It’s here that I found the technique of ‘how’ to become one with own desire. I knew when I became absolutely comfortable with my desire and actually felt the plausibility had become very strong within my own mindset. At this point visualisation evolved from mere imagination at the surface of conscious level to a live thought even without realising it. For example, at this stage you’ll suddenly realise that you’ve been seeing yourself in the situation and in the role of what you’ve desired for yourself. It happens so naturally that you don’t feel it’s a conscious effort, and slide in and out of the desirable situation and role many times a day. This is the real synchronicity than what one hears and reads about in theory form. If you desire a particular job, you’ll find enacting that role in mind as if you’re already working in that capacity or you would be looking at a model of car and saying to yourself,’ No this is not my model, but hey THAT is the one over there!’, and so on. It won’t be out of place to compare this state of mind to trance- You are detached from the conscious world around you and are rather immersed in the inner world of your own. This state doesn’t have to and in fact does not last for too long at a time. Don’t worry, no one would accuse of insanity 😉 as the whole process is very subtle- ‘You innermost secret’. 😎 There is no ‘conscious’ effort now, no ‘ deliberate’ imagination, no ‘forced’ visualisation and no ‘struggle’ to keep up your faith in yourself or the Universe itself. This all is replaced by effortless meditation, un-conscious visualisation, no wrestling with your belief and no discomfort with your desire. You experience this state while walking your dog, driving, watching tele with your family…yes, anywhere and at any time.
Now I shall share my thoughts on ‘why’ we need to achieve this stage of mindset before manifestation is even possible. It’s simple. If you suffer from headache, you’ll ask the chemist for a pain relief for your head and not anti-acid tablet. But before you go to the pharmacy, you need to experience the symptoms which guide you to decide what you need and where shall you find what you need. This is exactly how a desire rises and guides you. The real desire is understood from how you ‘feel’. I would like a car, a job or a house because…..Now, the blank after the word ‘because’ MUST be filled before deciding which drug and in what quantity you need. For example, I wish for a bigger house, but I need to ask myself one question- why? And I shall only ask for a house that fulfils my need. Hence I shall not desire a palace or a mansion. Even if I do, it’ll never manifest as it exceeds my needs and the want has grown out of greed. Hence, shall remain a ‘wishful thinking’. Most people who struggle to manifest either don’t connect with themselves at the right depth or their desire itself is un-realistic, so much so that deep down in their sub-conscious they too know that ‘it’s too good to be true’, and unfortunately it probably is. So it’s vital to desire at the same level at which you really feel it. Your inner belief and desire must be balanced together perfectly.
Please refer to other relevant posts from my blog which give further impetus to the subject matter of this article. Happy desiring and manifesting.

A big thank you to all my 500 followers

Offering my gratitude to all the followers of my blog, ‘ Law of Attraction Finds Me.’ I couldn’t have reached this point of journey without the feedback and encouragement by each one of you. I understand that I’ve been on this path of blogging for not very long, but my life is richer with 500 confidante, friends and like minded bloggers and readers already. It can only get better and may this caravan of hopeful optimists swell further. The journey is more exciting than the destination and with your continuing support, I shall continue on my path to spiritual growth.
Once again, please accept my humble gratitude for your participation till this point and hope we shall sail together for the rest of the voyage too. Happy manifestation to all. 🙏🙏🙏

Law of Attraction: Positivity vs Over-confidence

Confidence is a positive emotion which changes the outlook of life into a ‘can do’ attitude. Belief in self, in life and in God is formed on the foundation of confidence.
Even in Law of Attraction, confidence plays ‘the’ vital role for success. It begins with confidence in the Universe or Almighty that your prayers are being heard. This is called belief. Then you need to introspect and thoroughly analyse your desire. You have to be 100% sure about what you need in life and only then you start believing in your desire. This gives you confidence that your wish shall be fulfilled. So, from the beginning to the end, LOA work on the emotion of confidence which becomes interchangeable with belief thenceforth.
Let’s take a few examples of ‘confidence’ from day to day life- ‘I feel confident to get this job’, ‘I feel confident that the constituents would vote for me’, ‘ I am confident that I will win the race’, so on and so forth. The level of confidence in any scenario of life depends on the real factors. Your expertise in the field and preparation for the job interview are the basis for your confidence to be successful. Party’s policies and campaign give a candidate the confidence to win elections. Your fitness and training give you the confidence to win the race. In other words, your investment into ‘action’ delivers confidence which forma the basis for manifestation. What I mean by Action is, studying, training, building relationship, communicating skills, etc. are all the actions that you have developed by didn’t of hard work. It’s the appropriate action which helps to build your confidence brick by brick in your success. Your action must correspond with your wish.
So far I’ve talked about what confidence is and how it’s synonym with belief and the resultant success. Now, let’s see what ‘over’ confidence looks and feels like. In one sentence, it can be summarised as, ‘ Passing your weaknesses as your strengths’. In the process, you are not only preventing yourself from developing mentally or spiritually, but also infesting yourself with negativity.
Take the same 3 statements mentioned above as example. If you just say to feel good about yourself, then it’s neither confidence nor positive- It is simply a lip service for a superficial gratification. You will NOT get a job by just saying so, a candidate will NOT win the election by merely talking about victory, an athlete WON’T win a medal by standing still on the track. This is what ‘over’ confidence is. The victorious words or hyperbole is exalting but only momentarily. It’s non-productive. The effects of over confidence are the same as that of alcohol. Like one suffers from hangover afterwards; one could slide into depression as reaction to overdose of confidence. I would like to draw the difference between absolute belief and confidence-exceed here. Absolute belief has a solid foundation of concrete actions, whereas excessive confidence is built upon shaking foundation of ego and thus, the result is rash presumptuousness. One can even tell from the body language of such a fake believer- the person would come across as being hyperactive, loving the sound of his/her own voice, arrogant, aggressive including passive aggression, dominating and wouldn’t get on with many people around them. Such behaviour normally is a result of low self-esteem which triggers lack of self- confidence but in an effort to over come it, the person might over compensate. If you over-steer, you would drive your vehicle off the path.
For example, if a child suffers from such unfortunate symptoms, the parent or both parents become obsessed with the safety of the child and display over-defensive syndrome. This is admirable but can damage the child more than protection. A child sees this as an encouragement and approval from the preferred parent, so he/she carries on with the fake superficial belief in self along with the negative behaviour that accompanies such an unfortunate mind set.
This is not an incurable condition, but the environment needs to be re-created and purged. Either such a victim of ‘confidence -over -dose’ can cure himself through introspection and meditation or the over bearing person in the victim’s life must open eyes to see the reality. Otherwise, change in perception would be impossible. A test to see if things are steering in the right direction would show more sobriety in the affected person’s behaviour, admittance of one’s failures and short comings, along with higher tolerance and congenial behaviour in general. One could still be a party animal or disco diva, without being ‘in your face’ in the name of ‘confidence’. Admitting own failure or mistake is not a weakness but needs a strong willed person to do so. You are a force to reckon with when you take a step to change your wrong to right. You don’t need to enact a public drama of your confession or actions. You are the only audience of this Act but the pleasant results in one’s personality would definitely have halo effect on others around. You might need support and training to alter your inner and outer environment, but you become un-stoppable when you invest action of will power and determination towards building a wholesome YOU. Meditation is the best action towards purging your own negativities. Meditate and deal with the inner demons and stop living in denial. No point turning one way on the roundabout of desiring and failing. No point getting more and more frustrated or becoming more and more delusional. Get rid of the carpet under which you have been brushing all your weaknesses. Once you have reinvented yourself, you wouldn’t even need anyone’s protection nor your own excuses to cover up the inner and outer negativities. Stop living in a doll’s house, the whole world is your oyster. THIS is the positive ground on which to lay the foundation of belief, in self and the Universe; and this is the right time to desire with right confidence. Invest whatever appropriate action you can within your capability and be hopeful. You don’t have to be perfect, so long you have tried sincerely to the best of your strength. You have to first stretch your arm for the Almighty Nirankar to hold your hand for rest of the way. Remember the 3 step plan- Introspection, Acceptance and Action. Good bye to the over protective people around you, good bye to the deceiving inner voices, Good bye to life of hiding in the dark. Welcome the beautiful image of self in the mirror of reality. I bet you’ll see the confident YOU.