The connection between Karma & Law of Attraction

Where we are born is as per our previous karma. But rising from poverty to riches and reverse is our destiny which we weave through our thoughts and  corresponding actions.
If you are born in a rich family, you become rich by default. We’ve all heard about ‘Born with a silver spoon in the mouth’. We also call it ‘luck’. When things happen par chance and you cannot explain its occurrence, it certainly is your previous karma unless you’ve manifested a desire.
The difference between an unexplained occurrence due karma and manifestation is simple- if it’s karma then you’ll begin from the point of occurrence; and if it’s manifestation then you started from a lower level and rise to the point of occurrence. For example, son/daughter of wealthy parents would inherit a luxurious life from the very birth without any efforts but if a poor person’s child aspires to become wealthy, then he/she would have to work hard and take actions to become rich. Hence, if we are born poor we could grow rich, if we are born rich we could grow either richer. On the other hand, we could remain stagnant at the starting point. The process could work in reverse too. Someone born rich could turn to poverty with or even without efforts. Our actions could cause us huge losses but equally, our ruination could occur without an apparent reason. In both cases, it means that  after a small deposit of good karmas was withdrawn and spent, we dropped to the lower level. Now new action would be required to rise again. So, our action in every scenario is vital. Someone might ask about those who are born rich and remain rich through their life, what action are they investing? A fair question and it has a simple answer- they will have material wealth, but they would never feel satisfaction. That’s why rich have greed to keep multiplying their money even beyond the point of excess. Think of a hamster on a wheel who never reaches anywhere but can’t stop running, until death puts a stop to the race. It’s not better than a curse, think about it.    
With relevance to Law Of Attraction and scope of this article, I would like to insist again that the only mandatory action that we must invest to manifest our desire is to MEDITATE. Meditation is a state of mind and not necessarily the lotus position or set of physical rituals. This state of mind has to be positive and to reach the positivity we must train our thoughts. THIS training is the only action that the Universe or Akal Purakh is expecting from you. Otherwise, 9 to 5 would have churned out millionaires everywhere in the world. I have written before in detail with regard to action in previous posts.
I can tell you with conviction that this revelation has solved many of my sceptic riddles and helped me to build my belief further. I hope it might help my readers too. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to meditate to manifest your desire. It doesn’t matter if you have to start from behind, you can still win the race.   

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