Law of Attraction: Manifesting desire at Micro & Macro cosm levels

I have discussed the concept of desire and manifestation at different levels many times in my blog before, but today I would like to share the scope of desire at two different levels.                                             Let me start with what is a Micro and Macro aspect of a wish. Deriving from Greek terms, Micro means ‘small’ and Macro or ‘makros’ means at a large scale, while the word cosm is defined as Universe or world. In the light of these definitions, when you yearn for something for a personal fulfilment, it would be at a Micro-cosm stage since you are a small entity in the whole of Universe. When you desire something for the wider community or the world, it is obviously a wish at a larger scale and is thus a Macrocosm thought. However, both these stages are within the spiritual realm.
                                          I’ll further elucidate it with an example. Everyone is desiring and manifesting perpetually throughout their life and so have I been conscious about this fact since practising Law of Attraction. I’ve had variance of successes depending upon my commitment to the desire. Even though we mostly wish for our personal dreams to come true, we also desire for the greater good too from time to time. This is being an empathetic person.
                                         Currently, the whole world is facing the unique invasion by COVID virus and you must have seen charities and individual volunteers trying to help others in various ways. In UK services of NHS health workers and charities like London Food Alliance have served the mankind in one of the direst situations the world has faced in recent history. So why did they feel compelled to act selflessly to help a stranger without any direct personal benefit? Simple explanation is that they are acting from a higher spiritual plain. Their desire to help is an act or Karma motivated at a Macrocosm level.
Recently, I’ve come across a couple of other great examples of macrocosm desire to help  humanity in difficult situations, even at the cost of personal inconvenience and financial cost. Last week BBC in UK reported a charity organisation called the Khalsa Aid, a Sikh charity for serving free food to thousands of those truckers who were stuck at the Dover port as France government refused their entry due to a new Corona variant discovered in the UK. This is a pure karma at a high level of humanity and thus spirituality. Also, the Farmers Protest in India is paving a way to revolutionise a new way to agitate peacefully. This has been possible only with public-spirit of compassion and empathy for others. Once again, it’s seen charities like Khalsa Aid, Hemkunt Foundation ( also a sikh charity organisation) and many humble hearts donating anonymously towards the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for the participating farmers. Volunteer service towards others is only possible by stepping outside the notion of ‘I’ and in to the mind-set of ‘ Their’. This is when the desire transcends from ‘Me’ to ‘Them’. When we start feeling the life , the pain, the happiness and love in another, we start seeing presence of the Omni-Power in us. This is also called spiritual evolvement.
                                           Macrocosm desire doesn’t always have to be at a mega social level or even involving just human beings. Charity towards animals is equally a sublime act generated out of Macrocosm of spirituality.
                                        The process to manifest both, the microcosm and macrocosm desires is exactly the same- One must establish the exact desire, feel it deeply and believe in its reality.
                                           If a selfless desire is for the benefit of someone else then ‘what is in it’ for the desirer? My answer would be in another question, ‘ What is in it for you in any desire’? The answer is ‘abstract satisfaction’– For example desiring to earn more money for ‘I’ and ‘My’ family is actually to manifest happiness, contentment and peace. Similarly, if I desire to help a blindman cross the road it would actually be motivated by my wish to feel the satisfaction derived from such an act. My desire would be manifested after getting to the other side of the road. The incentive to fulfil any material wish is to achieve a happy state of mind. So, true manifestation is in what the emotions feel.
                                        There is another lowest level of desire which crosses over both, micro and macro Cosms.  For example, if I wish to adopt a kitten stranded outside in the cold I’ll do the action of picking up the kitten and bringing it home. This act should make me feel happy, content and at peace for doing the right thing. However, if I do exactly the same act but my motivation is not to help the kitten but to gratify my own ego to tell others about my great deed, then I wouldn’t say that this is true manifestation as it won’t keep me happy for long as I’ve adopted a liability in the form of a kitten which shall hinder my peace of mind sooner or later. It’s the same with any charity where a person yearns for recognition for the good deed. There would still be manifestation but not of the physical act committed but of the bad karma created. Hence, it’s so important to establish what to desire and why at both, Macrocosm and Microcosm level