Grow your desire into manifestation and don’t let go prematurely

                       I came across a couple of quotes by coaches of LOA this week and was truly intrigued by two particular statements:
1. ‘You would manifest fastest if you forget about your desire altogether’.
2. ‘Manifestation happens when you distance yourself from your desire’.
                         I personally and logically do not believe in the first statement at all and find only conditional plausibility in the second one. I can explain why. Let me start by reflecting on the first statement about ‘forgetting’ your desire. You can only manifest what resonates with you  at all levels – Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious. This would mean you become one with your desire, but without getting obsessed with it– I can’t stress enough on the last bit and have written in detail about it in my previous posts.* In other words, Let go of over thinking about your desire, but that doesn’t mean you forget it completely.So, emotionally, philosophically, psychologically or by any other science you might know, it is not possible to forget what has become one with you!  Any reader who is sceptical about my introspective experience should try the theory of completely forgetting what they would like to manifest and please share with me if manifestation still occurred. We may momentarily think of a wish and forget about our thought and it comes true suddenly. This process is more in the realm of intuition, gut feeling or premonition: something that was already destined to happen and you catch a glimpse of it before it actually materialises. For example, you were thinking of a friend whom you had not seen for a long time and left that thought in the same moment, but then the very next day you ran into the person out of blue. This is quite different from consciously desiring and deliberately attracting the embodiment of our wish, which would require karma or action from us and would most probably involve making alternations to the very make up of our mindset. *   
                           Now, I would analyse the second statement about ‘distancing’ from your desire. So long distancing mean to let go of obsessiveness, then I agree with the theory as it restores positivity. But if this also refers to keeping your desire apart or at bay from your own self, then there is a problem in believing this claim. I can explain with an example: A good parent brings up the child by giving him more attention in the initial period of growing up, then gradually distances that care to let the child develop independently into adolescence and adulthood . This is healthy child-rearing. Similarly, you need to give every possible attention to your desire when it is being born- analyse it thoroughly and then nurture it. Once you have seen the first leaves sprouting out of the soil of your belief, you can relax and enjoy the connection with self and thus God; the plant would flourish and bear fruit within the vortex of your belief automatically. This is the process of letting go and manifesting, without necessarily thinking about the desire every moment of the day once you’ve reached this level of clarity. This stage is reached through meditation.*
                           As always, I write my posts based on my own personal experiences and not regurgitating what I’ve read or heard by others. However, there have been a few theorists of LOA who have indeed influenced me too initially. So, if this post resonates with any of my readers, please leave a feedback for me. Thank you.

Reference reading from previous posts : ‘Remember, it’s through I that I meet my Maker’, ‘Mandatory step for LOA’, ‘True desire promotes belief’, ‘Secret of meditation’, ‘LOA can help you find the new strength…’.                         

9 thoughts on “Grow your desire into manifestation and don’t let go prematurely

    1. Universe is in control always. Even when we are desiring, we desire with belief that it shall be manifested and is on its way with the blessings of the Universal force. The essence of my belief and post is to convey that there is a fine balance between letting go and forgetting as also between obssession of desire and feeling it to your core. I hope my message was clear in the post. Thank you so much for your time and comment.

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