True desire promotes belief

I am a traveller on this long and tough path to manifest my spiritual destination; and there are many a desire on the way that can be fulfilled. The simple definition of manifestation is, ‘materialisation of desire rising from the depths of your sub-conscious.’ The centuries old spiritual law has been recently rediscovered- The Law Of Attraction. According to this Law we attract the life that we think and feel in our mind; it’s well within our power to achieve all our desires. We have so many cravings and often lose sight of the one burning desire. So we must first prioritise in case of multiple desires as to what is the ’most wanted wish’ of the time. Once you’ve established this beyond a doubt, then the process of manifestation can start. In order to resuscitate our real desire to life, our belief needs to give it a mouth-to-mouth . This will require persistence and perseverance. In my experience, the feeling of having grounded the immediate desire grips your focus resolutely, which means your belief is now rooted deeply to support this desire in turn. If I can show this as an equation, it’ll look like this- Establish desire= focus established= belief rooted= manifestation. I only aim to desire one manifestation at a time and am successful so far. Thank you Universe. Amen. Happy manifesting to all the readers.