My dreams, my passions, my regrets- All spills from life

Imagine a packet of smarties breaking up, spilling all the different coloured little discs on the floor. That’s exactly what life is like – A bag of different shades of events. The trick to keeping life together is, ‘Not to let the precious little events spill and scatter’.
But we can still open the bag at the seal and take out whichever shade of life the moment fancies, and enjoy the sweet juices of sheer delight.

My blog overall focuses on spiritual growth with reference to the Law of attraction, but there are so many other tones, textures, and flavours to our experience on the earth.

Philosophy, psychology, the science of politics, sociability, religious affiliations,  gender and sexuality orientations, etc., etc. are all organic threads that have woven the fabric of human life.
So, it’s important to debate about them, understand them, and share our experiences with one another.
Hence, from time to time I express my thoughts pertaining to one of these aspects as part of my blog under the heading of,’ Spills from life’.

It makes me feel real and free. As a writer, I can’t be restricted to one genre. In the coming weeks, months, and years I shall be sharing my forthcoming books in multi-genres- From Self-help/Spiritual to Romance to  Mystery thriller – different thoughts, the same mind; the spills of my passion.
Enjoy every moment of life, every aspect – the fun and the challenges equally.

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My passions & my apprehensions, My joys & my sorrows : Spills from the same life

A Dialogue between Heart and Mind

Let me start with defining the struggle between a mind and a heart here first – ‘My mind says I want more money… heart asks, ‘How much more?’
My mind has no answer except for saying, ‘More, and just a bit more.’
Heart cautions the mind, ‘It’s greed, it’s not moral.’ The mind dis-agree and protests!
The mind feels self-righteous because it believes that it has been ‘god fearing’ all its mortal life, has not thieved, has tried to face all the problems with resilience, have marched on as a brave soldier- come what may, have helped others and made them a priority over itself, told only innocent lies, worked hard all life, suffered pain in silence…..The mind goes on and on until the heart slaps it to shut up and listen.
Now the debate takes a new turn.
Heart quietens the mind and says, ‘You needed to connect with God, not fear him – Fear projects false belief. You shouldn’t have ‘marched on’ the path you didn’t agree with –  it’s important to choose the right direction than continue to walk in the dark. Self-sacrifice is synonymous with self-pity. You shouldn’t talk just to please others; your words are the mirror of your thoughts. Asking for help when in trouble, is not a weakness but common sense. God helps those who help themselves.’
Now, it was mind’s turn to shut the heart up, and shout, ‘ Ok! I understand, but don’t go on to put me down since my attentions were good.’
Heart smiles because the mind has understood that all the misconceptions about its beliefs had coated its vision with layers of negativity, so much so that it couldn’t see even its own desire clearly.
Heart spoke softly, ‘ Take a deep breath and answer again- ‘Do you want more money?’ ‘How much more and why?’   
The mind had calmed down and answered, ‘I have some – Thank you, Lord. With his grace would like just enough to tidy my life up so I don’t have to worry about my necessary obligations when I pray. I don’t want any more than that.’
The heart hugged the mind and they both uttered, Amen!’
Moral of the story- It’s not always what you think is, unless you feel it too. The heart or our subconscious, and the mind or our conscious, have to be in perfect harmony to walk on the right path to reach the blessed destination. This is how a positive mindset is created.

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Re-blogged: “I want to write with/in a spirit of ‘exuberance’…and  (a sense of ) ‘wild abandonment’” — BooKs by Craig Lock

“To drive fearlessly to win is to win another race – the race against fear – (trophies themselves are but symbols to delight old age) -LF (from the ‘International Grand Prix Book of Motor Racing’ (Edited by Michael Frewin and first published by Leslie Frewin “I want to write with/in a spirit of […]

“I want to write with/in a spirit of ‘exuberance’…and  (a sense of ) ‘wild abandonment’” — BooKs by cRaig loCk

Law of Attraction: Motivational quotes by Jasleen

If a liar is audacious enough to think you’re stupid enough to believe his lies, then prove him wrong by telling the counter truth.
By Jasleen

If you leave the milk unattended, don’t blame the cat.
#Responsibility #Ownership
By Jasleen

One who can’t take a joke, shouldn’t make a joke; Humour is a shared fun, not an excuse to bully.
By Jasleen

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Law of Attraction: Motivational quotes by Jasleen

Peacock needs no mirror to tell how beautiful he is. He  KNOWS.
# self-confidence. Jasleen

Be generous but don’t be exploited. Be truthful, but don’t be hurtful.

Love is not the same as obsession. Freedom is not the same as anarchy. Morality is not the same as judgemental mentality. Jasleen

“The task ahead of you can always be overcome by the power within you…and the often seemingly difficult or even “impassible”) path ahead of you is never as steep with the great spirit that lies within you.”

Motivational thoughts by Craig.

Craig's Quotes

“Sharing, supporting, informing,  enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring”

enough there for now, c!

“Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.”


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Law Of Attraction: Motivational quotes by Jasleen

Everyone is entitled to a tear on death of a near one. But before the second tear drops, ask youreslf – Do I really believe the soul has entered the Heaven? If yes, then just bow in gratitude to the Universe for its generosity.
By Jasleen

To err is human, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to be reckless. To choose right too is our responsibility.

By Jasleen

My world is small but cozy. My life is complete with ME & MINE & MY family. Outside these gates is just a tourist attraction I visit at times but not live in it.
By Jasleen

Mirror mirror on the wall…
Why do I only see the trivial imperfections, or brittle vanity, when my soul – God’s perfection- is gazing directly at me?
By Jasleen

Law of Attraction: Motivational quotes by Jasleen

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Moral dilemma: Could negativity and positivity coexist in the mind?

4th post in the 5 post series on, ‘What is Morality?’
This is Our thoughts are a combination of negative and positive emotions.
What makes a mindset a positive or negative disposition is the imbalance between these two vibes: If a person is more inclined to optimism, then it’s right to say that he/she has positive vibes; lingering bitterness in someone’s attitude, on the other hand, reflects negativity of character.
Most people swing between the two vibes all through life.  
Now, to understand this further, let’s try this – say to yourself, ‘I shall win the lottery tomorrow.’ See if this prediction comes true the next day.
Next, say to yourself, ‘I don’t think I’ll get the promotion ( or anything else you might be contesting for) .’
Chances are that your second forecast may come true, and it is because most of us lack ‘belief’ in accepting that we deserve better than what we have. Not just that, one almost feels ‘relieved’ when negative predictions come true since pessimistic emotions seem so much more natural, easier, and plausible to us. One even develops immunity to frustrations in life and becomes defeatist.  
It’s a proven fact, at least according to the science of psychology, that we, the humans, have a proclivity for pessimism. And that’s why usually when someone thinks or says something negative it usually comes true. In other words, we attract negativity, and when it manifests believe more in its existence and its place in our lives. Many get caught up in this vicious circle.
So, when we talk about developing a positive mindset, what does it actually mean? Do positive vibes kill negativity to replace it altogether? Or, is it about tilting the balance?
To decide the answer, understand what does negative mind means, and equally, what a positive mentality feels like.
In the shortest possible version- The negative mind is what generates a ‘dim view’ of things, and the positive mind generates a favorable view of things.
If I had low self-esteem or in fact even overestimated myself, then my mindset would emit negative vibes because I would be out of sync with my real and potential self. Equally, if I am an optimist and am grateful for my glass being half-full, my mindset would be vibrating at a higher frequency of positivity.
Most of us go through ups and downs, good and bad, and dark and bright experiences in life. What makes our disposition positive or negative is how we deal with situations. Also, temperament is defined by how long one lingers in the same zone of emotion – some people have the propensity to feel sorry for themselves perpetually: the victims. They would spend their entire life being morose. Others refuse to accept defeat easily, and never cease to try to succeed: the fighters. This does not connotate that a glum face can never manage to smile, or a heartening person couldn’t be disheartened sometimes.
So, to change negative thinking into positive vibrations would mean tilting the balance more towards optimism and hope. Also, to be negative about negativity too is positive.


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“We learn hope in the valleys and humility on the mountain-tops”

From Seeds of Hope To Endless Possibilities

“We learn hope in the valleys and humility on the mountaintops”

“We learn hope in the valleys and humility on the mountain-tops” — BooKs by cRaig loCk

And each ONE of us has our own mountain(s) , our “Everests” to climb on the often extremely difficult, yet always amazing journey of life “

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’


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