Be your own hero and influence others in 2023: Says the Law of Attraction

As with most years, 2022 too has been an eventful year of sweet but mostly sour incidents. From manmade disasters, like Ukraine- Russia war to natural calamities, such as floods in Pakistan; the passing away of queen Elizabeth of age, to the tragic and brutal killing of world music icon – Sidhu Moosewala in India; Global inflation surging, making rich richer while poor choose between ‘heat or eat’ this winter; and the list goes on. Nevertheless, there has been a stubborn glint of hope too – however faint, but definitely silver in tone, amongst the thick dark clouds: Covid seem to ease out this year, at least in most parts of the world-winter Olympics in China was testimony to human resilience against pandemic;  Common-wealth games in the UK, FIFA World cup in Qatar, are few events which brought people from all corners of the globe to a common platform of entertainment, and other such events. But admittedly, most current affairs are wet blanket and the year was not the best in the history of time.
The most optimistic spark that escaped the wildfires of the year so far is the fact that ‘I am alive’ and that ‘you are alive,’ despite all the challenges. This surely demonstrates human resilience and tenacity. This is a befitting cause to be grateful to God. 🙏
Like every year, most of us enter the new year with hopes and dreams about what is to come, while celebrating whatever was left behind – cherishing the good memories and gladly going past the bad moments. This is how I say goodbye to the past and welcome the future.
No one jiggles at someone’s wailing, so, instead of crying about what is happening outside, close the doors, switch off, and relax in your own company. Time to recharge energy. Remember, you are your own best friend, confidante, and reliable support.
Once you’ve regenerated your body, spirit, and soul, it’ll only be a matter of time before someone would be attracted by the vibrations transmitting through your doors, and you’ll hear them knocking. Let them in, serve them a hot cup of your smile with cookies of laughter. Don’t worry, no one would suspect that you are infecting them with hope and mirth, but they shall catch the vibes. Loan out interest-free reassurance. Share your positive mindset so no one goes hungry for love. Let your warm kindness wrap around the hopeless in the bitter winters and may the cool shade of understanding calm someone against the scorching heat.
Charity is not always in monetary form; just being humane to others is the best gift to humanity. On that note, Season’s greetings to all, and may the new year be the beginning of world peace. 2023, be the year of manifesting hope.  


37 thoughts on “ Be your own hero and influence others in 2023: Says the Law of Attraction

      1. You are welcome, Jasleen.
        Always a pleasure visit your amazing blog! Thank’s for your support.🙏
        Merry Christmas and a great year ahead too! 🙏🎄🛍️🎉


      2. Aww! Than you very much for your kindness and warm words Jasleen.
        Always a pleasure visit your blog.
        Thank’s again. Blessings!
        Happy Holidays! 🙏🎄🛍️✨


  1. “Charity is not always in monetary form; just being humane to others is the best gift to humanity” … Very true line. Merry Christmas 🎄 May you and your family always be happy and healthy.


  2. Die Naturkatastrophen sind auch auf falsches Verhalten der Menschen zurückzuführen. Man muss nicht besonders intelligent sein, um zu erkennen, dass Luft und Wasser lebenswichtig für uns sind. Trotz dieser einfachen Binsenwahrheiten, haben die Superreichen Luft und Wasser verseucht, weil sie letztlich nicht von den Folgen betroffen sind, sondern nur diejenigen, die sich keine Privatflugzeuge und Jachten leisten können, um einen Ortswechsel vorzunehmen.

    Der geforderte “Weltfrieden” ist utopisch, das wissen die meisten auch. Schönheitsköniginnen fordern unablässig auf jedem Laufsteg der Welt den “Weltfrieden”.

    Ihr Wunsch in Gottes Ohr, aber handeln ist jetzt angesagt. Wünschen kann man sich vieles, aber in dieser dunklen Zeit mit rosaroten Wattebällchen nach den Schuldigen werfen heißt, sich mit dem abzufinden, was uns dargeboten wird. Das Jahr 2023 sollte eine Kampfansage an die Obrigkeit sein. Stillhalten und hoffen, dass alles besser wird, ist nicht der Sinn unseres Daseins.

    Angeblich leben wir in Demokratien. Wenn dem so ist, dann sollte genau diese Demokratie genutzt werden, um die Schuldigen vor Gericht zu bringen und zu bestrafen. Das fordern viele, aber vor Gericht steht keiner, und freiwillig werden die Mächtigen ihren Status nicht aufgeben und sich dem Gericht stellen, sie müssen schon dorthin geschleppt werden.

    Alles Gute im neuen Jahr.


    1. Thank you for your kindness. Stay blessed, and stay connected. I too enjoy your travel blog. Keep up your historic revisits, like, the place where Martin Luther King delivered the famous speech,’ I have a dream…’ fantastic!🙏

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