Spills from life: Everything that shines is not Gold, Democracy for example.

The term, Democracy is derived from the Greek word, dēmokratia, where demos mean ‘people’ and Kratos mean ‘rule’. Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century B.C.E. Admittedly, the Greek idea of democracy was different from the present-day understanding of the concept because, in Athens, all adult citizens were required to take an active part in the government; hence ‘Rule by the People’.
         However, over the many passing clouds, the literal meaning of the word remained the same, but its socio-political interpretations changed with every new chapter in the history of mankind- World Wars tipped the political powers on the map, Industrial revolution took a bad turn to monopolise the rule of Corporates globally, Consumerism became more than a recreational drug to become an addiction, Colonisation personified Globalisation, The cries of global warming fell on cold consciouses, Pandemic has become a political football where goal-post keeps moving for the data and stats, etc., etc., and mankind is in perpetual quarantine inside the pigeon holes of disparities. Consequently, we feel isolated in our ‘differences’ with others. GMT has engineered a mix of hatred for one another, and we feed on it voluntarily, or so we think.  
           So, you see, subsequently, the power of the rule was taken from people and claimed by a few in the modern definition of democracy. Hang on, isn’t that close to monocracy? Or absolutism? Of course, this is a satirical democracy – A myth created to amuse masses, while the real rulers suck the oxygen from the atmosphere around them. Wait a minute, is that what pollution does? Of course! The progeny of the Industrial Revolution – the sulphur factories eroding the monument of love, called the Taj Mahal- a symbol of love fading away in human society. A profitable and manipulative scheme by the real rulers of the world.    
            Democracy has changed the names of the real rulers over the course of history – from Kings/Queens to Colonisers to Slave Masters to the present-day Politicians. Whatever the name, it’s the same DNA. The ingenuity of polity or the establishment has been inventing many schemes to manipulate the masses (who are officially referred to as citizens now, not subjects in democratic rule). The most dexterous plan has been to induce a spectrum of hatred in our vision: colour, class, creed, sexuality, physical appearance, thoughts, are all seen as diverse shades of hatred; and in a few countries, there is another ingenious division that been created – i.e. caste system. All this drama to make democracy seem real and all wrongs be blamed on the common man himself – wow! Villainy, but with such sophistication- just giving the devil his due!    
            Anyway, rather than write a history of different mutations of democracy, I would like to refer to an incident which took place recently in the capital of the so-called biggest Democracy in the world to prove the debate in this post, showing all the shades of the spectrum of hatred at the ground level of society – Yes, it’s an incident which took place India, where a 20 year old woman was punished by being gang raped, tortured, and then her head shaven and face blackened, then paraded in the streets, because she didn’t entertain the advances of a teenager boy in her locality! The attack was instigated and carried out by the family of the teenage boy, who had committed suicide due to rejection by the young lady. The most shocking bit here is not just the sexual attack and public humiliation, but the fact that the WOMEN ( apparently related to the teenage boy) joined in beatings and cheering the men in their abuse of the helpless woman! It might or might not be relevant to add that the victimised woman belonged to the minority community of Sikhs, and the family was from the majority populace of Hindus. Whether there was or not a religious-based motivation for hatred in this case, one thing is clear- the family and mob involved in this attack proves that the democratic ‘right of expression’, however animalistic it might be, is blessed by the Socio- judicial machinery of modern day democracy! That can be seen in the fact that the Police force remained passive and inactive, till the political necessity during the local election time compelled them to make a few token belated arrests. Humanity was already raped, injured, and paraded naked in the streets of democracy. It makes perplexes me when books still defy reality to describe democracy as ‘rule of the people’ and ‘by the people’!!
             This is anarchy and mobocracy, but why do the real rulers, the new world monarchs, the politicians, the slave masters fuel the fire of such lawlessness? Because this is how autonomy for the real rulers can be enforced – People punish each other and gnaw at humaneness. This also keeps them busy and focused in misdirection; leaving all the freedom of so-called democracy for the real rulers of the world.
              Enough said, and I would like to finish at a hopeful note…..well, a spark perhaps….ok, a dim but certainly an amber of hope. There are still few homo sapiens left, who believe in justice and protests around the world for the Rights of the masses. The recent farmers’ protest in India which brought the  rigid regime to its knees, certainly a great attempt to resuscitate the dying (original) democracy, the protests around the world to raise the voice that ‘Black life matters’ has been certainly a glimpse of real democracy, every drop of blood that trickled from the veins of the protesters defy the autocratic- imposter -democracy’s truncheons, no knee on the neck could suffocate the whole mankind; because there always be those awakened men and women who would refuse to toe the line leading to the demise of the human race.
              Any attack on a vulnerable woman, child, man, or animal is an attack on humanity itself. Human beings are defined by two words put together- ‘man’ + ‘kind’. Without kindness, mankind is incomplete and with an incomplete entity, wholesome democracy can’t be built.    
             Just to add to the incident mentioned above, a Sikh group from Punjab has gone to Delhi not only to protest against the filthy act but also to raise awareness that silence too is participation in rape. Keep up your efforts people. Know your Rights and obligations, understand the difference between anarchy and freedom, have mutual respect for one another, observe what separates a human being from a beast. There is a great need, which is on the increase rapidly, to support each other to become a better person, through own example. There is no utopia, but if we as decent people unite, the democratic machinery could be persuaded and compelled to act by the people, work for the people, and deliver justice to the masses.
The global mass of people need to collaboratively fight against what we’ve become and support each other to return to the decent core we were supposed to be. It’s a war worth every battle. Claim back the real democracy, a sign of being truly civilised.
               Please join me to support every victim of rape, every human being exploited, every child being neglected, and every animal being abused.    


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LOA: Do you feel at times like hitting a wall in spirituality?

When you travel by road on a long journey, the driver stops the coach from time to time at the designated stations to stretch your legs. Some people would have a snack, some would have a drink, others would need just a toilet or cigarette break. Anyway, this refreshes and energises the travellers for further journey till the coach reaches the destination.
It’s exactly the same with the spiritual journey- one boards the coach, disembark a lot of times, and reboard after refreshing one’s focus. Some spiritual travellers might feel dejected and release frustration by complaining and blaming whoever they can, including their very belief, some might give a few days’ gap to meditation, yet others might take up a new hobby to distract. However, once the pressure is released one way or the other, and passengers have reenergised their belief the positive mindset jumps back on the driving seat for further progression, till the next break at the next station for onward and upwards voyage.
So, if you’re feeling tired, in need to reground yourself or a deep breath of mundane freedom, then it’s ok because such feelings endorse the fact that you are on a journey and definitely on the right coach. ‘Stretching the leg’ is a must to progress. Gradually, the stations become fewer and far between as you wouldn’t need too many breaks. The only difference is that spirituality is all about the journey and not the destination.

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