LOA: The difference between hope and belief

Let me start with my own example- when I am hopeful, I feel like in the waiting room of dreams, and I canā€™t wait for my name to be called out to see Dr. Make-believe. I am sure many, many fellow human beings could relate to that, which would help to appreciate this post šŸ˜. Some time ago, I had a mansion, a clean chit of health, family unity, success in writing, etc., etc. on my hopeful list. Familiar? Hope so. These were my wishful thoughts, my bucket list, my immature enthusiasm! Let me add, sadly LOA didnā€™t move an inch in my favour. Result? Frustration and disappointment. Then, the mind was compelled to chisel such thoughts into shape, take time to sculpture beautiful thoughts; not mass produce ideas in the clouds. I had learnt to ā€˜thinkā€™, which taught me ā€˜feelā€™ right too. The mansion became a comfortable home, which I could share with my family harmoniously; I started this blog site to give expression to my thoughts, rather than just jotting down a few thoughts in my private notebook; I joined gym and took responsibility for what goes in my mouth. Once, I put myself in the driving seat of life, I started to believe in the route I was taking to forward my life. I BELIEVED in what I did and I found how much love and happiness was already around me. Enjoying what I already had, made me believe in what I could have in the future. This is when LOA was activated. My desires were grounded ( I have already written substantially about ā€˜howā€™ to desire in other posts) and this made my belief stronger in manifestation of what I wished for. It started coming true. Though I donā€™t live in a mansion, so to speak, but I live in most satisfying congeniality with my lovely family. I might not be a superwoman, but I am very active. I might not be successful as JK Rowling, but I enjoy what I write and share with the beautiful like-minded souls. My belief supported the ā€˜realā€™ source of home, dream, love, and health; recognising this reality made my belief stronger in return. Itā€™s a mighty bond. So, as you can see, my hope matured to become my belief and Iā€™ve never let any wish wander astray since.
* I am at the editing stage of my upcoming book, emancipating so many intricate formulae and tricks hiding within each one of us, to exercise LOA successfully ever after. I havenā€™t finalised the title yet but working on it. I ā€˜believeā€™ that I would share it soon with all of you, ā€˜hopefullyā€™.*     

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