Law of Attraction : How to be thankful for the present you desire to escape

The words echo in my ears, ‘Be thankful for whatever you have in the Present’ or ‘ Be happy with what you have now and be grateful to God.’ All sounds logical and definitely have a spiritual undercurrent in these wise words, but if we are ‘thankful’ for and ‘happy’ with our current situation, then why do we even need to desire for more or different?
                              I’ll share with you what has resonated with me: Life is about prioritising situations. So, when I am thanking Nirankar, I pick the best moments in my life. In other words, my life might comprise of a thousand situations and I feel happy only about less than a dozen of them. The highlight is the fact that I have something, however small, which stirs mirth in my life and that is what I shall be thankful for. But my desire is that I want more of such happy situations. Secondly, when I desire for more of ‘something that I already have,’ it actually means that I am not starting from zero but have something to begin with- again, a reason to be grateful. If I desire for ‘different’ then I must have potential to receive it and am ready to work towards it. What it means is: if I want to change my current job to another role which is better suited for my skills, then I have my skills to be thankful for; and if I improve my scope by learning new expertise, then I must appreciate my capability to learn. Lastly, with regard to ‘escaping’ the present movement is concerned, then again, remember prioritising life. Escaping negative is actually positive. Let me elucidate. If I have bad company and I desire to improve my social circle, then my focus would be to look for better people and should not think much about the current situation. So, this would be my new mission and God shall put me in situations where I would have an opportunity to meet new friends or colleagues. We hear people saying, ‘I escaped it by the skin of my tooth.’ This escape is good. Focus on glass half full, and desire for it to be filled to the brim, provided the desire is morally grounded and is not greed.