Law of Attraction: Gratitude doesn’t mean denying further desire

I had an interesting conversation with my son today about Gratitude. He asked me if I thought it was important to be thankful in life and questioned it. I told him that it was important to be grateful for what one has currently and ‘then’ desire for how life could be even better. His opinion was intriguing. According to him thanking for what you have today is denying the tomorrow to improve. In other words, if I pray to god and say, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve given me, Lord’, I might send a message to God that he has already given me everything and that I don’t desire for anymore. It definitely could be an angle of thought for someone. This could also be true but at a much higher spiritual level, a complete Nirvana. This too could be desirous and manifestable but is achieved rarely-  it  is the most unique lotus in the pond of life. However, at the stage of desiring and manifesting materialism we all are within the corporeal realm. So the question of ‘I don’t desire anymore after today’ is not a plausible thought.
In this world, we are all learners, consistently learning the basic discipline of life. Desiring and manifesting are the preliminary lessons. The undercurrent of our subsequent progress lie in these chapters. Let me elucidate this theory with examples.
In my current situation, I desire my material life to blossom further to reach the ‘self-set target’ of completeness. Though I have enough to be happy with – For instance, my life, my family’s life and our health. So I remember to ‘feel’ gratitude for my current situation every day. However, Life needs more than health to enjoy the collective happiness within the family, like money. Money gives choice in life which makes living more fulfilling and stress free. Lack of choice would make life more restrictive- for example, healthier food options in a super market are dearer than tinned food which might affect health adversely, but is cheaper. Such simple everyday examples affect us all. So, money itself is not my desire but power of money is, which gives a person independence to choose.  This is the reason why most of us wish for ‘more’ in life. Choice.
I might as well clarify that ‘more’ doesn’t connotate greed here. Our choice must be within the circle of morality and outside the parameter of ego. Morality guides us against asking for someone else’s share or ask to satisfy gluttony. If a desire originates from ego, then too it’s immoral- Want to show off a big house, position at work, big car to others is not progress at all. Ostentation is actually desiring for them and not for yourself. Hence, what you desire and why are both equally important.
Even when I feel the glass is half full, I would thank Nirankar. But that neither means that I can’t desire for a full glass nor that I am satisfied permanently with only half of my wish. My prayer thus would be,  ‘Thank you my Lord for all you’ve blessed me with currently. My life, your gift, has potential to flourish further. So I place my desire at your feet. My happiness is your blessing.’  Even while wishing materialism, you can remain desirous of the ultimate manifestation of nothing but the eternal bliss. This wouldn’t mean you are perpetually dissatisfied, but that you are always aiming for higher. Law of Attraction is about desiring and manifesting at many different levels. One must thank for the current blessing first because it’s only from a  positive state of mind that one can progress to the next level.     
We need to start from our current individual stage and evolve gradually from it. Think of building a staircase for yourself. Consider each step as a desire and stepping on it as manifestation. Thank God for elevating your life with every step. The higher you want to reach, the more steps you can build. Stop once you’ve reach the height you are satisfied with. You need to learn your point of saturation as well or it would be pure greed. Feel the elation at every step and that’s equivalent to thanking the Almighty.  
My son accepted this answer and hope so do any of my readers who might have the same question.