Don’t desire with eyes bigger than your stomach

To manifest your desire for better tomorrow, you MUST thank the Almighty for today. I am not talking about a lip service or ritualistic formality here, but a state of mind and heart that you can feel and believe in. Be grateful for every day of your life, for every happy moment that you spend with self or a loved one. Nothing is too small to show a great gratitude and this action is a sure investment into manifesting a brighter future. Once you feel the thankfulness, you establish a link with the Nirankar.
Believe me, I have gone through the ritualistic stage of gratitude and without even realising I was convinced at my conscious level that I have contributed my ‘action’ in to manifestation. Result? Nothing happened and I was disappointed followed by a sense of confusion over the future strategy. Then I started sniffing for clues like Sherlock Holme as to where and what went wrong with my spiritual aspirations.
After a saga of meagre hits and repeated failures in manifesting I realised where I failed myself – I was thanking at a very superficial level, un-consciously, without dipping deep into the pool of my feelings. Consequently, I couldn’t align with the Universe. Bingo! I found the pebble under my feet! The inspiration came from an un-suspected direction, a health scare – I found a knot under my arm and it blasted the alarm bells! In few days, my GP put my mind to rest by confirming that it wasn’t the infamous ‘C’ word diagnosis but a result of vigorous exercise that I had inflicted upon myself in order to lose weight before a special event in the family. That day I consciously thanked the Universe and realised that your current health or wealth could be in jeopardy while you are too busy praying for an abundant future. This was a sign and guidance by the Omniscient to appreciate the precious blessings that I have already been bestowed with, rather than chasing for more without enjoying the current happiness I was surrounded with, for example, my loving family and their love . I wasn’t yet ready for the next level or as spiritual speakers would say, ‘not ready to receive’.  In my previous articles I have discussed about moral basis for the desires. Have you seen that one guest in every party who piles up the plate with more food than he/she can eat or a crazy person shopping on a black Friday sale? Avarice results in wastefulness. In short, greed shouldn’t be the base for your desire for ‘more’; rather, it should be a morally justified need that would enrich your life positively. Then and only then your desire would be fulfilled. When a few of those self- acclaimed LOA experts preach the grandiloquent of ‘ You will manifest whatever you desire, and so desire the highest prize for yourself’, it is so easy,’ etc. it is not the entire truth told.    
Let me elucidate this with the help of an example. When I desired to leave my previous job, it wasn’t because I was lazy or wanted a higher paid job that I wasn’t trained for or even didn’t want to work; but the fact that after years of grafting on the job, it began to drown me deeper and deeper in to negativity like a quick sand because of the acidic atmosphere. This had begun to disturb the equilibrium of my mind. So, I desired from heart for a better aura round my life with increased levels of positivity. I could actually touch my emotions desiring to tilt the balance in the right direction. My very soul felt this desire and then my prayer was answered with circumstances developing out of blue where I could leave my job with decent a VR package. I not only manifested the main desire that I had focused on: ‘ Leave the negative place to restore positivity in life’, but the Universe secured me financially too so that my only barrier, my  financial concern, could be removed as well. I have never looked back and have never been happier since. I thanked the Universe consciously to the extent that my sub-conscious was echoing it too. Then the question I asked myself was, ‘Could I ask for more’? The answer was, ‘Yes, only if it genuinely improved the positivity in my life’. The principles for my desires since have been: 1) There is a genuine need for a change or improvement upon my current circumstances . Such a moral justification has also assisted in improving my spiritual aura. 2) Focus on one desire at a time and any side desires attached to the main focus would be fulfilled by the Universe in the process of manifestation. The Universe is magnanimous. By following both these principles, I’ve learnt  not to pile my plate with more than I could eat or digest, along with appreciating the chef for the succulent meal.  

8 thoughts on “Don’t desire with eyes bigger than your stomach

  1. Pretty good advice, one has to realize so many things, like be thankful for what we have, rather than what we want, every day its a new miracle, but it only can be witnessed by those who can see it with heart.💖


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