How to convert negative attitude into positive mindset to manifest

If you know about Law of attraction then you must know about desire and manifestation; and if you know about this then you must know that the fuel which would power up your energy to manifest is the positive mind set.  
                     It has been proven by science, especially Psychology that explains the human mind’s natural inclination towards the bad, known as the Negativity bias. The Neuroscientist have concluded that there is a higher neural processing in the brain while responding to negative stimuli. A lot of scientist have elucidated about what this theory is and how it works, but the ‘why’ is not that lucid. This is where spiritual intervention clarifies it further. The reason for why we have a natural tendency to feel more responsive towards a sadness is the process of our very birth, in my opinion. A baby is born crying, not laughing. Why? Because we experience the feeling of loss as we leave the cocoon of our mother’s womb. In other words, we are born with negativity. This moulds our psychology as we grow. One of the ‘healthy’ ways to get cleanse our inner system of such negativity is called ‘ catharsis’. I have written at length about the topic in my previous blogs, ‘ LOA finds me: Catharsis on a roundabout’,* and advise not to get stuck on this hamster- wheel.
                    Without further ado, lets dive in to finding how to convert the negative in to positive inclination. To make my explanation comprehensive I’ll keep it short and sweet, hopefully. 😊
                     As a beginner, when we sit for meditation there is a whole mob of rioting thoughts that surround our mind and before we realise the purpose of meditation, we are indulged in a mental battle with these inner enemies. The thoughts might carry the weapon of the insult your colleague inflicted on you many years ago or the abusive behaviour of your relative in the party or betrayal by your friend, etc. etc. etc. You are led in to the past to make the wrongs right that happened against you, then you feel frustrated because you find that time travel is not a reality. The negativity has been non-consequential about any event that perturbed you but you find yourself back to square one of starting the meditation, just like snake and ladder game.
                    This is the huge challenge we all face before turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction. I will share what has helped my experience. When I feel the first hint of nostalgia of thoughts, I deliberately alter the course of my thinking. For example, when I see the marching dust-cloud ( No connotation to drugs here but quite literally, like the soldiers marching) of invading thoughts, I turn my mind to either a happy real life event or even a desirable imagination. For instance, a sad memory is pulling me towards negativity, but I break free by imagining the time when I won award for creative writing in the University and then build a successful story in that moment of euphoria. This is the first stage while learning to ‘avoid’  the danger of negative attack. Now we build our strategy further to combat and win the battle.  
                     I can’t stress enough on the fact that it is the positive thought that strengthens the belief and before building the faith in self and the Universe, there is no point in the whole concept of Law of Attraction.                 
                     Start meditation by thanking the Universe for what you actually feel  the gratitude. As an example, I thank the Nirankar for giving me the patience and determination to continue on the path to manifestation. This is real and I am not just doing a lip service or a ritualistic prayer. I carry on with this process for every thing else in my life and that of my family which I truthfully want to thank God for. Nothing is too small to thank– including breathing or life itself. Practise on this technique without expecting any further miracles at this preliminary stage. Gratitude is the cement which helps to stick together every brick of the positive thought to build a temple of faith and belief in God. Remember one brick at a time in to one step at a  time . You will be surprised at your own progress when positive state of mind is on auto-pilot. This will be a gradual development; so please be patient. Practise at your conscious level first; in other words, through deliberate efforts. It will become easy and you’ll find that your sub-conscious would start following your conscious mindset.
                   Once you’ve reached this stage of positivity, you’ll run up the last few steps and conquer the mountain peak of manifestation. Yes, it is easier said than done, I admit, but very doable by anyone, if you are ready to invest the effort.