How can LOA help to overcome depression?

Medical experts have discovered numerous causes for depression: biological, genetic, age, gender, health, clinical and may be many more categories; but whatever is the prescribed reason, it feels the same – ‘restricted’ within, like in prison of your own physical or mental pain. Medicine helps to feed denial temporarily but doesn’t immunise against the greedy moroseness of the mind.
                 So, could LOA play a meaningful role to cure feeling deprived perpetually? If you have been reading my posts, then you understand the definition of Neo-LOA, as discovered by myself from own experience. People like to attract what they lack and this is the reason why millions of people are reeled in to the hope of turning their lives around. So, depression too is a condition of ‘lack’- lack of self -esteem, lack of reason to live and lack of hope. The formula to manipulate your mind set to mould your life is not a miracle but can be as simple as you would believe it be. However, certain commitment and hard work is mandatory – your personal karma. It has to begin with loyalty towards your own self- vow not to stop till you have oxygenated your life with expectations again. Then capture the feelings in meditation; find the befitting technique of sadhana  ( rumination) and practise till you feel it’s right to desire and to desire is your right. In other words, break the mental shackles bit by bit to free yourself of all those low feelings and thoughts that have imprisoned you in the dark dungeon of negativity. Now that we know where to start, let’s see how to proceed from here to liberate eternally from depression.
                 Progress with the golden rule-  FEEL FREE to feel. In other words, face your demons clearly in the day light; strengthen yourself against the foe. Now the battle starts, armour up…you WILL win! Believe me when you close your eyes and start speaking with your sub-conscious without inhibitions, the experience would seem therapeutic. It’ll start as cathartic release but don’t get stuck there for too long as you will risk becoming a victim – a tragic queen or king. It’s a fatal addiction. Move on. Acknowledge your weaknesses to nourish your determination. If someone is controlling you mentally or abusing you physically you must first snap out of the Stockholm syndrome, if applicable, to prevent character depletion. Tell yourself- no one can restraint you mentally for too long unless you give others the might over yourself by submitting. So, you’re the fearsome dominant in the situation if you allow yourself the honour. This is the most crucial threshold you would cross to reach emancipation.
                 Soon you could find yourself breathing without the ventilator of mercy by others. You have now freed yourself  truly of self-imposed confinement. At this stage you must know what to attract to reinvent life as an exciting experience. No more lack; just abundance.   

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