Don’t stress about negativity in the mind: Divert focus

The title seeks to draw your attention towards prioritising the right thought in your mind. Most of us desire to stay positive but don’t know how. One might think that the early stage of transition is very stressful, and it’s understandable. However, instead of panicking, one must seek to find out the root cause of stress. You’ll find that negativity is rooted in the past, most of the time, or stems from worrying about the future. What has always worked for me is- ‘ Focus on the positive situations in the current life, however small it might seem on the surface’, like being alive, even if life is not yet entirely as you hoped for. Once you’ve ‘felt’ the blessing of life, you focus on a tentative action plan to improve the present situation. To ‘feel’ your thought is the best means of communication with self and the Universe. I’ve also used the word, ‘tentative’ for any plans since the small details contributing towards the end product of your goal could change, and this change would only prove that your mindset is maturing. Go with the flow, and Nirankar/ God/ Universe shall enlighten the way forward. But you must invest real action, not just hypothetical idea, towards your goal. It’s true- when one takes one step towards God, the almighty pulls the person ten steps towards himself. Again, the concept of ‘god’ could mean many diverse images for different people. No way is a wrong way towards spiritual growth from within. You’ll discover that your first step towards your goal is the most important step in the journey, as it shows determination, resilience, and commitment one is ready to dedicate to reach the target. The universe doesn’t expect a person to be a superhero but sincere in desiring and manifesting, within moral encompass. Right thought is the springboard to bounce one forward.      
Before I proceed further, just a question- ‘Haven’t you already forgotten about the stress, thinking about how to stay positive? Aren’t you instead thinking about your inner growth, about the desire, and about the step towards manifesting it? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then this article has successfully elucidated a technique to ground your focus towards what matters in the scope of a plan to improve life. If one starts right, one can hope to win the race. Isn’t this positive? So, why stress when it’s so easy to evaporate negativity? The mind makes difficulty more difficult, and equally, ease easier. The choice is yours.     


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