Law of Attraction: What does it mean by becoming ONE with your desire

Various expressions have been used to express that one must ‘feel’ the desire, be ‘passionate’ about your desire, ‘recognise’ what your desire really is, and in my version- ‘become one with your desire’, etc. etc. I would like to discuss HOW to become ONE with your desire and WHY.  
When I first started manifesting, I struggled for a long time. I’ve written a lot about ‘struggle’ in my previous posts, if anyone would like a reference. Anyway, I had to connect to my inner self through meditation and gradually I began to go deeper and deeper. I went through various stages of interpreting, what I thought at the time, was my contemporary desire. But at every stage, I realised that a part of me was not actually convinced with ‘this is what I really wish for myself.’ I knew I need to persevere and get in touch with my deepest level, what I realised later was my sub-conscious. It’s here that I found the technique of ‘how’ to become one with own desire. I knew when I became absolutely comfortable with my desire and actually felt the plausibility had become very strong within my own mindset. At this point visualisation evolved from mere imagination at the surface of conscious level to a live thought even without realising it. For example, at this stage you’ll suddenly realise that you’ve been seeing yourself in the situation and in the role of what you’ve desired for yourself. It happens so naturally that you don’t feel it’s a conscious effort, and slide in and out of the desirable situation and role many times a day. This is the real synchronicity than what one hears and reads about in theory form. If you desire a particular job, you’ll find enacting that role in mind as if you’re already working in that capacity or you would be looking at a model of car and saying to yourself,’ No this is not my model, but hey THAT is the one over there!’, and so on. It won’t be out of place to compare this state of mind to trance- You are detached from the conscious world around you and are rather immersed in the inner world of your own. This state doesn’t have to and in fact does not last for too long at a time. Don’t worry, no one would accuse of insanity 😉 as the whole process is very subtle- ‘You innermost secret’. 😎 There is no ‘conscious’ effort now, no ‘ deliberate’ imagination, no ‘forced’ visualisation and no ‘struggle’ to keep up your faith in yourself or the Universe itself. This all is replaced by effortless meditation, un-conscious visualisation, no wrestling with your belief and no discomfort with your desire. You experience this state while walking your dog, driving, watching tele with your family…yes, anywhere and at any time.
Now I shall share my thoughts on ‘why’ we need to achieve this stage of mindset before manifestation is even possible. It’s simple. If you suffer from headache, you’ll ask the chemist for a pain relief for your head and not anti-acid tablet. But before you go to the pharmacy, you need to experience the symptoms which guide you to decide what you need and where shall you find what you need. This is exactly how a desire rises and guides you. The real desire is understood from how you ‘feel’. I would like a car, a job or a house because…..Now, the blank after the word ‘because’ MUST be filled before deciding which drug and in what quantity you need. For example, I wish for a bigger house, but I need to ask myself one question- why? And I shall only ask for a house that fulfils my need. Hence I shall not desire a palace or a mansion. Even if I do, it’ll never manifest as it exceeds my needs and the want has grown out of greed. Hence, shall remain a ‘wishful thinking’. Most people who struggle to manifest either don’t connect with themselves at the right depth or their desire itself is un-realistic, so much so that deep down in their sub-conscious they too know that ‘it’s too good to be true’, and unfortunately it probably is. So it’s vital to desire at the same level at which you really feel it. Your inner belief and desire must be balanced together perfectly.
Please refer to other relevant posts from my blog which give further impetus to the subject matter of this article. Happy desiring and manifesting.

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