Once you’ve lived through a storm, you understand the pace of wind better- Farmers Protest in India

There were deafening shouts resounding from all directions. Confusion engulfed the atmosphere. Their eyes spoke louder than any word that stumbled out of their mouth. They had two daughters, one had barely entered her first teens and their only brother was in the prime of his early twenties. On that dark night, mum and dad called a family meeting. Dad spoke first, with a lump in his throat, “ Here are five knives. One for each one of us.” It felt like the air was suddenly sucked out of the room. Mum gave a reassuring nod so that Dad could continue, “You know what’s happening outside. So listen carefully. Your brother and I shall fight to the end. In case we are killed, you shall all run to the roof of the house. Make sure you don’t jump into the mob. If they follow you to the roof, then use the knife. Stab to kill.” Dad couldn’t make an eye contact, “ I am sorry, but that’ll be the only way to save your honour.” His’s tears were choking him by now. Mum held her daughters’ hands and reassured them, “ It’s better to die with dignity. It might all settle down soon. But just in case. We shall pray together. God is merciful. Alright?” Enough was said and certainly enough was heard. No one questioned, no one cried. Knives were picked without any preference. They all belonged to the same kitchen. I was one of the two sisters who slept three nights with the knife under my pillow and carried it along for four days, keeping my courage awake for the moment I might have to stab and kill myself. The prayers worked for my family but not for thousands who were beaten, raped and burnt alive! This is not a story, but truth of the darkest chapter in the history of free India, written in blood. Democracy was stripped naked and molested in the streets of the country. Sikh men and male children were burnt alive in front of their families, women and girls gang raped and then killed or left to live death. Such were the four days when the Republic burnt – from the 31st October to the 4th November in 1984. This was Sikh genocide at the hands of the mob, instigated by every political machinery in the country. Many Hindus and Muslims risked their own lives to save Sikh families, but there’s only so much they could rescue. This wasn’t Hindu vs Sikhs fight but RSS mindset ( a violent fascist organisation) vs Sikhs.    
                  Even then the polity of Law remained a cheering audience. Be it the Police force,  ruling Congress party or opposition Janata party ( renamed as BJP now), they all collaborated in this macabre of tyranny. RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) ideology led this racist blood hunt, butchering thousands of innocent Sikhs. Even then Media remained an impotent mouthpiece of the regime. There was no social media at that time and it provided a perfect haven for the establishment to alter and invent history. Farmers were raising their issues even at that time. Since out of 1.5% of total land in the country 96% of Punjab is used for farming. Hence, Punjab’s concern was the loudest. This was becoming a problem for the Government. So a sinister plot was hatched. The then Congress leaders conceived the concept of Khalistan (separate state for Sikhs). To isolate Sikhs, political propaganda accused them of demanding a separate state of Khalistan instead of their rights as equal citizens. Farmers’ issues were shrouded in this conspiracy and the country was divided. Many books have been written on the subject since and I won’t attempt to possibly collect sea in a cup. However, I’ve merely provided a reference for better understanding of the subject matter of this post, i.e. how similar circumstances were invented on the 26th January 2021 to annihilate the farmers’ protest in India. The conspiracy of placing the barrel on a sikh shoulder to shoot unity.      
                  The ruling party could be different but the heat is sourced by the same fire- The RSS. RSS is the right wing Hindu think tank that is intolerant of all minorities in India. But it doesn’t represent an average Hindu in the country, just uses religion as an engine for its own gains. They are violent and an anarchical group in the country. It was an RSS agent who killed Mahatma Gandhi too. BJP, the current ruling party in India is an offshoot of this organisation. RSS has been selling the dream of a Hindu (only) Nation to many naive people who have been living in the hope of this dream coming true. The truth is that it’s not an idea that has any potential to manifest ever. India has always been a country of diversity and shall remain so, even though history shows how threads of this fabric have been picked from time to time. This dream has kept the country divided, to a considerable extent. India eliminated the British Rule but the politicians adapted the formula of ‘Divide and conquer’. The controlled mobocracy still exists, playing hide and seek with the citizens. Politicians remain the major benefactors of this game , while the minorities remain on the dart board. Fortunately, people are waking up now. About time.  
                  Generally, Hindu populace live in harmony with Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and other minorities. Hindus too have been victimised by using religion to create divisions of caste and creed amongst them. Where diversity is country’s strength, it can pose the greatest challenge as well to its integrity.
                  Over 60% of the total population of the country is made of farmers. Farmers or Kisans come from all castes and religions. In the current struggle, they are united against the three farming Laws which challenge not just their livelihood but threaten their very existence too. I’ve written about the laws in detail in a previous post. The united forum of the farmers and the ever swelling confluence of new joiners, is becoming a great problem for the divisive and dictatorial regime. The fear that the country is uniting prompted the establishment to hatch a plan to fragment this unification. They already had a target.

                  On the Republic day of India on 26th of January , a premeditated conspiracy against the Sikhs was manipulated. The protest sites of the farmers are on the three borders around Delhi where lathi charge, water -canons and tear gas drew the line of control for them. Farmers have camped in these three places since the 26th November last year. Barricades and heavy police deployment prevents the farmers to enter the capital. The farmers felt that it wasn’t fair that they missed out on celebrating the country’s Republic day. So the farmer leaders and Police agreed after much endeavour on a certain route for a peaceful tractor march. This route was changed a night before by the Police authorities. The alternative route too was accepted by the farmer leaders as there was no other choice. Admittedly, a few farmers, mainly the youth,  were not happy with the changed route. The   original plan enabled them to march on the Ring Road encircling Delhi, but the new route created three different routes for the three camps individually. This group of farmers became quite vocal under the instigative self- acclaimed leadership of a couple of young men. No one could tell at this stage as to how big a danger lurked behind the decision to alter the route at the eleventh hour. On the morning of 26th January, the enthusiastic youth was instigated by the Police to leave the camp more than two hours ahead of the official starting time of the march. They were deliberately guided by men in police uniform on the roads that led to Delhi via ring road. Some these farmers later explained that they felt ignored by the Government for over two months while they sat on the roads in cold and rain with their families. So they thought entering inside the capital might open the deaf ears and blind eyes of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. They were still vowed to remain peaceful. Their dire mistake was to think with heart. They seemed to have forgotten the consistent warnings by the experienced leaders about the potential infiltration of RSS agents and anti-farmer elements amongst them. As a result, their sentiments were exploited. Police barricaded the correct route and let a few tractors follow the wrong path. Not just on the ring road, but these farmers found themselves near the historic Red Fort, unintentionally. Most of these farmers were visiting Delhi for the first time and were not familiar with the map. A few people who certainly looked like farmers had already reached the spot, ahead of  the few misguided farmers from the border. Who were these people? Not just them but a couple of reporters from the corporate owned television channels too were there! These corporate channels have consistently shown the farmers’ movement in a very negative light, often distorting the truth and blatantly lying. Why were they there? Did they have a prior information? Certainly raises genuine questions, in the very least. Actual account by the farmers and their leaders can be watched on many social channels regarding this.
                  The jury is not even out yet on ‘who’ is to be blamed except conjectures are instigating judgments. Government and its machinery is too busy pointing fingers rather than investigating. My account is strictly based on my past experience, knowledge of Indian history, understanding Indian politics, reporting by social media, accounts of independent journalists reporting from ground zero, bystanders’ video coverage on YouTube channels , the interviews of the protesting farmers and eye witnesses amongst the public. No Government representative has refuted any of these claims, but is busy populating their own conspiracies. RSS and Corporate media are working together in full swings.
                 Red Fort is a 17th century historical building built by Shah Jahan, a Mughal emperor. Since the country’s independence from the British Rule, on the 15th August 1947, the Prime Minister holds the ceremony of hoisting the National flag from Red Fort and address the nation. The site is tightly secured and patrolled by the police and also para military forces on any normal day. But on national days like, 26th January and 15th August, this security is intensified and enhanced many folds. Not this year, though. Why? It is a valid question which is being ignored by every politician in power currently. A big crowd of people and a few tractors were allowed to enter the premises. As if this isn’t enough, a group of people seemingly led by one particular man freely walked through the building with a crowd and encouraging a couple of individuals to hoist two flags on the empty pole which is built at a height inside the Red Fort. This man was captured on camera by independent and National media. One flag was saffron in colour with Sikh religious symbol ( Not the so called Khalistan flag as claimed by the corporate media) along with another flag bearing Farmers’ official emblem. The same man has also posted selfies and videos showing himself holding the flag later raised on the pole.
                 On social media the police is actually seen guiding the crowd through the path to the hoisting pole. They can be clearly seen on the camera onlooking the whole flag ceremony and rather enjoying it. Many police personnel were also seen sitting around in chairs in the lawns of the fort, while it was free for all in the building and around it. Where was the para military force? The scene is no less than a Bollywood movie set. Till this point it was an atmosphere of celebration and harmony. There was no incident of violence by the handful of people who deviated from their original route for one reason or the other. After the flag was raised, a group of farmers spotted the self- acclaimed leader and challenged him. He is then seen fleeing from the scene on a motorbike provided to him by a mysterious person appearing on the scene in a timely manner. Why some farmers followed this man and why another group of farmers were seen challenging him? You could see the two conflicting scenes on the video but can only deduce conclusions. Perhaps, some were those farmers who wanted to be heard and the others had realised that this man was key in leading them astray. The third category was the that of the ‘infiltrated’ agents. The so-called leader has been seen amongst the protesters at the Punjab-Delhi border. He was also posting daily YouTube videos criticising the Union leadership constantly. But the recognised leaders had been warning others about him and banned him from speaking from the same stage as them. They certainly knew what his intentions were. He promoted himself as the representative of the young farmers, since most leaders are elderly. This factor seem to have resonated with few young men and women. But majority has followed the agenda and instructions of the leadership.   
                  Going back to the Red Ford, the sky changed its colour suddenly after the exit of this man. The passive police came into action. One could watch through shaking cameras of the running reporters. There was lathi charge on the crowd (lathi is a special stick given to the Policemen as part of their uniform). Mayhem kicked up the dust! People were running amok, in some scenes police was beating people and yet in another Police is seen running away from the crowd attacking them…??? Peaceful farmers turning into attackers suddenly? Doesn’t add up but was good for the government propaganda. The reporters of the so-called National media was reporting in frenzy, lashing out all sorts of names for the farmers. A group of men and women too appeared on the scene outside the Red Fort shouting anti-sikh slogans, openly promoting violence against them. Sikh religious flags were burnt in front of a Sikh temple nearby. All this planning couldn’t be on the spur of the moment. Certainly not. There is overpowering stench of sinister premeditation.     
                  The show might have worked for those blind followers who had voted for BJP and those who rely on television anchors to help develop an opinion. Every attempt was made to create the 1984 circumstances – kill the Sikh farmers and then let the fire of hatred engulf the whole country. These circumstances would justify declaring Emergency by the government. So no protests. I’ve heard of killing two birds with a stone, but the government had its eyes on the branch with many birds. No one talked about the flag with farmers’ emblem or in fact the national flags carried by them. Many farmers were arrested on the same day but the man on the bike escaped. No one can even confirm that all the farmers inside the Red Fort were Sikhs. But because they were the predetermined targets, the Sikhs were labelled as Khalistanis, separatists and even terrorists- again. According to additional information via social media there are few pictures of the ‘flag ceremony man’ circulating where he is seen with no other than the PM himself and his Home Minister. It’s no secret that this man was also a campaign agent of a BJP candidate in the last elections. Despite that no political leader has commented upon their relation with this man. Suspicious? Oh, yes. He has been arrested today, after two weeks from Delhi! His arrest itself has opened the pandora’s box. Could the man in question be a mere pawn in the RSS game? Or he too was just another desperate farmer who tried to gain attention of the deaf and blind government? Or perhaps there is a deeper conspiracy? There are enough dots that we can connect. However, he has temporarily divided Punjab between a minority of those who believe in his innocence and majority of those who hold him guilty. There are always two conflicting opinions on any aspect of life. This is not unusual.
                  Thank God for the technology and social media. God bless all these reporters. People could see the truth and the intentions of the government couldn’t hide behind the PR curtain with thousand holes in it. As a result, Hindu populace didn’t react and instead showed even greater solidarity with the Sikhs. The plan back fired. Government expected to churn a storm but succeeded in only creating a few ripples.
                   But why such a song and dance about flying a flag on the pole inside Red Fort? The narrative is based on the fact that the Fort is part of heritage and symbol of national prestige, where only the country’s tricolour flag can be raised. Hence nation’s sentiments have been hurt, according to the rhetoric. However, the current PM has contracted out this symbol of prestige to a private company called the Dalmia Group. So, the question arises, is Red fort still a national heritage or is it a private property now? Also there is no ‘law’ against raising another flag from this spot in Red Fort, provided it’s not foreign. There is nothing preventing such an act in the Indian Constitution either. So far as ‘hurt’ is concerned, more than 150 farmers have died since the protest started but the PM has not uttered a word about these citizens. If there is no heart, then there can’t be any hurt.
                  Sikh flag is used to propagate that they want Khalistan under the guise of farmers’ rights. Hence it’s an act of terrorism and treason!! It’s the same religious flag that  can be seen on every Sikh temple, visited by millions of Hindu devotees too- people bow to it;  same sikh flag is hoisted by Sikh Regiment on the country’s borders- Government has allowed this; the PM recently tied the saffron scarf on his head with the sikh symbol while visiting a Gurdwara ( sikh temple); even during the Republic day parade this year the same sikh flag made part of the ceremonial display. When the Sikh Gurdwaras feed thousands of poor people daily, including during pandemic, this flag symbolises service to humanity; when the soldiers hoist this flag it is considered to be symbol of courage; but when hoisted in Red Fort it became symbol of terrorism? This is how forked tongue of RSS wags.
                 However after seeing that they had failed in their mission, government flogged the dying propaganda in a desperate effort to disrupt the protest yet again. Another attack was organised on the Punjabi farmers protesting at the Singhu border. RSS activists are always ready to serve their nefarious agenda. They dressed up as policemen with helmets and shields, except forgot to change their jeans and jumpers for uniform. Some pretended to be local residents from the surrounding areas but were later recognised from pictures being RSS activists. They claimed to be inconvenienced due to the protest site. So they shouted profanities to force the peaceful farmers out. Stones were hurled inside the temporary tents, injuring men and women indiscriminately by both, the pretend residents and the fake police. Fire bombs were dropped via helicopter over the camp. An independent reporter captured all the details in his cameras. Needless to say, he was beaten up by the police and taken away, along with many other innocent farmers. Thank the Almighty that he had uploaded the video before being arrested unlawfully. Farmers only had peace as their shield on the day and it stood them in good stead. Another possibility of rioting was avoided because the farmers didn’t retaliate. Almost every household in Punjab has son and daughter in the army. Sikhs are less than 2% of Indian population, yet make up for more than 20% of the Indian Army. So, Government is playing with fire. Sikhs are resilient and self-restrained by nature, but one should not try patience of even a saint, leave aside tolerance of a martial race. Their character shows through how the community bounced back after 1984. A consistent message by all the farmer leaders is to ‘stay peaceful for the success of the protest.’ These words have become an anthem for the protesters. But RSS has to remember that if anyone knows the real meaning of defending the oppressed against the oppressor, then look no further than the great history and track record of the Sikhs.     
                  Besides, if we talk about history then long before the Indian National flag was even designed, Sikhs had won the battle against the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam’s forces and hoisted the same Sikh flag in Red Fort on the 11th March 1783. Then it was considered to be symbol of victory over tyranny, of justice over injustice. Sikh army ( Called the Khalsa or the Pure) has conquered Delhi 18 times by defeating the Mughal Sultanate. But they didn’t occupy Delhi even once, because the battles were fought and won to emancipate people from oppression and never to control Delhi or its denizens. So flying a sikh flag in Red Fort is nothing new but RSS can’t get over their jealousy and hatred for all those who oppose their ideology.   
                    There also exist many videos on YouTube showing thousands of tractors that  followed the officially agreed route and marched peacefully on the 26th January. These farmers were welcomed by local people, many of whom spread petals on the tractor paths, many offered them refreshments, bore slogans of solidarity and clapped in support of them. But all these scenes were deliberately avoided by the corporate cameras.
                      However, the Government had underestimated to what extent an average Indian has woken up recently. Farmers’ protest has showcased it. RSS’s weapon of mass destruction has been hatred but it failed to divide people this time. Thousands of farmers are protesting , regardless of their religion, cast or creed. Thanks to these  men and women. Their unity not only saved the protest despite the 26th  January conspiracy but also refuelled the agitation with new life.
                    But one thing is clear, Red Fort incident was attempted as an attack on Sikhs with the hope that the fire of hatred would spread to other parts of the country and the protest would demise on its feet. I thank the Hindu and Muslim communities who stood in support of their Sikh brothers and sisters. I thank Nirankar, the Almighty God for failing the dangerous intentions of the cruel and dictatorial regime. The Protest is blessed with zest and courage of brave farmers from all over the country. The passion is rekindled due to sagacity of people in maintaining unity in diversity. What Indian governments couldn’t achieve in seventy two years of independence, farmers agitation has achieved in 78 days. Even though dark clouds still engulf the Delhi borders, there is certainly a glimpse of silver lining . Jai Jawan Jai Kisan ( Bravo Soldier Bravo Farmer).

Law of Attraction: All fear is not negative

Once upon a time in a remote village, three children were left at home by themselves while the parents had to go out for some important work. Mum and dad asked kids to be careful while they were gone. However they didn’t want the kids to panic, so they reassured them too, “ Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon.” The three brothers heard the same words but understood three different things.  It was a very hot day. The eldest son went into his room and locked the door as well as the windows, the middle brother kept both, the door and the windows open, the youngest son went in to his room and locked the door but kept the transom windows open. When the parents returned they found that the middle son was crying as the thieves had taken all his stuff but the youngest son was safe in his room. They all knocked on the eldest son’s door but there was no answer. At last the father broke the door open to find his son lying unconscious on the bed as there was no air in the room. Later that evening the parents sat them all together and asked them to explain their actions individually. The eldest son said that he followed their instructions to be careful, so he closed the doors and all the windows. The middle son said that he too listened to his parents when they said not to worry. So he didn’t see the need to lock his door or the windows. The youngest son explained that he heard his parents too. He locked his door as a caution, but kept the little windows open for fresh air too. The parents told the three brothers that the eldest son almost suffocated himself due to excessive fear, the middle son lost his stuff because he was being too careless but only the youngest son took enough precaution while being safe too. So the moral of this story is that too much fright is paranoia and too much fearlessness is reckless, while a balance between fear and courage is perception.          
In day to day life we take so many precautions, for example, looking for the traffic while crossing the road, using oven gloves while cooking, keeping sharp objects away from the children, drinking water to avoid dehydration, an the list goes on. All these mundane actions originate from fear. It helps to avoid accidents, even though it doesn’t prevent a mishap all the time. On the other hand, kicking every precaution in the wind is recklessness. There is a certain amount of ownership in your  judgement call. Such thought originates from a disciplined mindset. You accept calculated risk and then there is a ‘bit more’ which is also called courage. This ‘bit more’ is like the transom window bringing in belief (in yourself). Such a state of mind is positive, originating from purposive fear Not all fear is bad provided it doesn’t weaken your character but guides you to grow stronger. The incentive for positivity is fear of negativity.

Law of Attraction: Determination begets belief begets manifestation

My sister told me a parable which invoked passion for my desire at another level. Once upon a time there were two men in a village named Ram and Deen. Deen was mischievous and Ram was a happy go lucky man. Ram was a worshipper of a Hindu deity called Shiva and went to the village temple to light a lamp every evening without fail. When Deen came to know of this he made it his personal mission to sneak into the temple and put out the earthen lamp. Ram was oblivious of Deen’s actions. This continued for a long time. Both men were happy that they were successful in their mission. One day it rained heavily and the village was stuck by a thunder storm. Ram looked out of his window and wondered, “The weather tonight is bad. It must be a sign from Lord Shiva to tell me not to go to the temple. I light the lamp every evening. One day won’t make any difference. ” So, he cancelled his routine for the evening. Deen didn’t know about Ram’s plan. He too looked out of his window and thought, “ It’s rather a nasty weather outside. But I can’t miss. If I fail, then he wins. So, I have to go at any cost.” The rain drenched him, the winds pushed and pulled him, he stumbled over the broken trees, he slipped a few times and grazed his knees, he fell and hurt his forehead, he was bleeding but he kept going . At last he reached the temple. He looked around but the lamp was not even lit. Just then he saw a bright light where stood the stone statue of Shiva! There now stood Shiva himself! Deen was transfixed and after a moment managed a whisper, “ Who are you?” “ I am the Lord of this temple,” replied Shiva with a smile. Before Deen could absorb the miracle, Shiva spoke again, “ Ask me for whatever your desire is, my son. It shall be fulfilled.” Deen was confused. He asked, “ But Ram is the good one. I just wanted to win.” “ So, where is Ram now?” Asked Shiva and said, “ You believed in your desire. You committed to achieve your goal. So, you won. Now it’s only fair that you get what you think you deserve and I shall grant it.” In the meantime, Ram slept deep, leaving his task to another day.
                 I think the message here is loud and clear. The impact of this story led me deep within to question my commitment and belief towards what I desire. I have a refreshed zeal and enthused motivation now. I shall carry on passionately till every pebble of resistance explodes with the light and Nirankar blesses me with my desire.
                 I wish manifestation for all my readers, but it’s only you yourself who can make it happen.          

Law of Attraction: Manifesting desire at Micro & Macro cosm levels

I have discussed the concept of desire and manifestation at different levels many times in my blog before, but today I would like to share the scope of desire at two different levels.                                             Let me start with what is a Micro and Macro aspect of a wish. Deriving from Greek terms, Micro means ‘small’ and Macro or ‘makros’ means at a large scale, while the word cosm is defined as Universe or world. In the light of these definitions, when you yearn for something for a personal fulfilment, it would be at a Micro-cosm stage since you are a small entity in the whole of Universe. When you desire something for the wider community or the world, it is obviously a wish at a larger scale and is thus a Macrocosm thought. However, both these stages are within the spiritual realm.
                                          I’ll further elucidate it with an example. Everyone is desiring and manifesting perpetually throughout their life and so have I been conscious about this fact since practising Law of Attraction. I’ve had variance of successes depending upon my commitment to the desire. Even though we mostly wish for our personal dreams to come true, we also desire for the greater good too from time to time. This is being an empathetic person.
                                         Currently, the whole world is facing the unique invasion by COVID virus and you must have seen charities and individual volunteers trying to help others in various ways. In UK services of NHS health workers and charities like London Food Alliance have served the mankind in one of the direst situations the world has faced in recent history. So why did they feel compelled to act selflessly to help a stranger without any direct personal benefit? Simple explanation is that they are acting from a higher spiritual plain. Their desire to help is an act or Karma motivated at a Macrocosm level.
Recently, I’ve come across a couple of other great examples of macrocosm desire to help  humanity in difficult situations, even at the cost of personal inconvenience and financial cost. Last week BBC in UK reported a charity organisation called the Khalsa Aid, a Sikh charity for serving free food to thousands of those truckers who were stuck at the Dover port as France government refused their entry due to a new Corona variant discovered in the UK. This is a pure karma at a high level of humanity and thus spirituality. Also, the Farmers Protest in India is paving a way to revolutionise a new way to agitate peacefully. This has been possible only with public-spirit of compassion and empathy for others. Once again, it’s seen charities like Khalsa Aid, Hemkunt Foundation ( also a sikh charity organisation) and many humble hearts donating anonymously towards the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for the participating farmers. Volunteer service towards others is only possible by stepping outside the notion of ‘I’ and in to the mind-set of ‘ Their’. This is when the desire transcends from ‘Me’ to ‘Them’. When we start feeling the life , the pain, the happiness and love in another, we start seeing presence of the Omni-Power in us. This is also called spiritual evolvement.
                                           Macrocosm desire doesn’t always have to be at a mega social level or even involving just human beings. Charity towards animals is equally a sublime act generated out of Macrocosm of spirituality.
                                        The process to manifest both, the microcosm and macrocosm desires is exactly the same- One must establish the exact desire, feel it deeply and believe in its reality.
                                           If a selfless desire is for the benefit of someone else then ‘what is in it’ for the desirer? My answer would be in another question, ‘ What is in it for you in any desire’? The answer is ‘abstract satisfaction’– For example desiring to earn more money for ‘I’ and ‘My’ family is actually to manifest happiness, contentment and peace. Similarly, if I desire to help a blindman cross the road it would actually be motivated by my wish to feel the satisfaction derived from such an act. My desire would be manifested after getting to the other side of the road. The incentive to fulfil any material wish is to achieve a happy state of mind. So, true manifestation is in what the emotions feel.
                                        There is another lowest level of desire which crosses over both, micro and macro Cosms.  For example, if I wish to adopt a kitten stranded outside in the cold I’ll do the action of picking up the kitten and bringing it home. This act should make me feel happy, content and at peace for doing the right thing. However, if I do exactly the same act but my motivation is not to help the kitten but to gratify my own ego to tell others about my great deed, then I wouldn’t say that this is true manifestation as it won’t keep me happy for long as I’ve adopted a liability in the form of a kitten which shall hinder my peace of mind sooner or later. It’s the same with any charity where a person yearns for recognition for the good deed. There would still be manifestation but not of the physical act committed but of the bad karma created. Hence, it’s so important to establish what to desire and why at both, Macrocosm and Microcosm level

Spills from Life: Farmer’s protest in India: A battle ground or a unique village of brotherhood?

No Farmer > No Food> No Life

           Many of you might already know that there is a farmer protest taking place in India against the three anti-farmer bills enforced by, as seen by many people , the ultra- Right- wing  nationalistic government. These bills would make the poor farmers even poorer by privatising the market for the crop produce in the hands of only a couple of Industrialists ( in the country of two billon population!), who are said to be favoured personally by the upper crust polity.
                  Farmer’s plight has remained the same under most governments, regardless of which political party since the Independence in 1947. One of the current reasons is that only about a meagre 2% of the total National budget is invested in to the farming sector despite the fact that India is an agrarian economy where about 60% of the population depends on agriculture directly or associated businesses. Thousands of farmers have committed suicide since the 1990s but no one has listened. I think the cup of patience is over-spilling now and hence the protest!
However, I would like to focus on and highlight the uniqueness of this peaceful protest in its magnitude.
                   There are over 300,000 farmers protesting unitedly from all the four corners of the country. One would think ‘it must be dangerous to visit India at the moment and not just due to corona, but also due to the tall flames of the agitation engulfing the country’, at least as the ‘parrot reporting’ media might like us all to think. The government controlled media and political machinery is working day and night to spread anti-farmer propaganda to defame the agitation to be seen as instigating violence and anti-social activities. Farmers from Punjab are even labelled as ‘terrorists’ by the corporate controlled media. But thank God for the Technology! 🙏 We are able to see what is happening in reality within and around the protesting camps via smart phones,  YouTube channels, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Many Non-resident Indians, celebrities and officials have visited the protest sites for first hand views and posted videos via social media for the world to see.
                  The Sikh farmers from the Punjab region of India were protesting for over two months in their state but the government remained unperturbed. So in the end, the Unions decided to call for ‘Delhi Chalo’ or ‘ Let’s march to Delhi’, to be heard by the centre from the centre of the country. The Punjab farmers were the first group to have reached the borders of the capital on the 27th November 2020 and were welcomed with Water cannons, Tear gas, Lathi charge or truncheon-beating by the ‘democratic governance’ 🙄. These farmers consisted of men, women, children, and many elderly and also disabled protesters. So, who is the violent side and showing not just anti-social but also terrorising tendencies? It is clear from the live videos from the protesting field. Once again, thanks to the technology for smart phones and social media. There is after all a positive contribution by the social media to society; one has to be responsible with how to use it.
                  Now, farmers from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and many other states in the country have also joined the march and have reached Delhi from diverse borders; Delhi is truly encircled by the farmers and their families. All sitting peacefully yet showing their opposition to the strangling bills. I would love to share the scenes from this magnanimous and harmonious human camp.     
                  As far as the eye can see one witnesses a wave of colourful turbans, shawls and green scarves symbolising the colour of farmers! Thousands of farmers have travelled with their families on foot, on tractors, and whatever means of transport is available. Fortitude is showing through every smiling face. Community food is being cooked day and night in enormous cauldrons on handmade earthen ovens and open fire not just for the protesters but the homeless and the slum dwellers in the surrounding areas; however what tops this is the fact that the farmers are offering tea, juice and food to the same police officials who perhaps had raised the baton in attempt to break their backs. It is not the place where outsiders are bringing charity to help the workers on strike, but these are the self-sufficient protesters who are also offering free food, free clothing, free medical treatment, even shoes to the poor children visiting the site from the local poor localities. With well build marquee tents installed with warm beddings, designated toilet facilities for men and women, even dressing areas equipped with mirrors, especially for the sikh gentlemen tying turbans. Every need is taken into account. The atmosphere is more like a fare and looks like a tranquil mini village. Has anyone even seen a protesting site like this before? I can’t imagine.    
                 Security is of prime importance and round the clock vigilance is held by the volunteers. Only certain certified volunteering agencies are allowed to assist with essential services, like the Khalsa Aid which is a recognised International body of Sikh volunteers. Of course, such service to humanity comes natural to the sikh community, who have travelled to Syria to help with volunteer aid, offered service to the flood victims in Pakistan, fed hundreds of homeless and Nursing home patients in the UK with food and essentialities during the Corona lockdown, and hundreds other such services in the world. The mindset for service and valour is instilled in this community as almost a natural instinct from birth. They have a rich culture build by their spiritual Gurus and ever since the Sikhs try to live their lives by those progressive teachings. Latest addition to this Nishkam – Seva ( selfless service) is the massage machines for those tired but determined feet, washing machines and medical aid, including providing free prescription medication.
                  Not just Sikhs but Hindus and Muslims too have joined now to sculpture this historic monument of Peace.  Farmers claim that they have come prepared with ration that could last for at least six months to feed all. It seems where Sikh farmers have led the protest, Muslim and Hindu volunteers too are joining in to give strength to this protest which seem to be fast swelling into a revolution but a first revolution which is so peaceful.
                  The protest is so well organised that the volunteer groups are patrolling around the clock for anything suspicious that might destroy the peace within the camp and have caught a few un-wanted and anti-social elements who were not part of the protest nor had any business to be there. Such people have been caught and handed over to the local Police who don’t seem to have taken much action in such cases . There has been calculated suspicion from within the protester groups that the Secret agencies had sent in a few spies which has made it difficult for the Police to clarify the matter any further. Well, an educated guess would be that the unwanted non-farming element was sent in by the government agencies to smear the image of this protest. So much for a Democratic governance in the world’s biggest Democracy! I believe that despite all the political manipulations, it won’t be as easy now as was the cover up of the 1984 genocide of Sikhs or the 2002 Muslim genocide in Gujarat or forever carving divisions amongst the majority Hindus and other minorities for political gains. The world is watching the real events now and we all KNOW the truth.   
                  The world can learn a lot from this protest : How to maintain peace and brotherhood despite the diversity, help each other selflessly, organise with discipline so no outsider can take advantage, stay vigilant and abide by the Law but know your Rights too, and above all- Stay positive and determined.  
                  No one could distort the image of smiling faces cooking, cleaning, helping and praying together regardless of the religion. It’s not a common protesting ground but the farmers have created a unique village of humanity. What the political leaders couldn’t do in over 70 years of independence, our simple and hardworking farmers have done in a few days- ‘united the country under one banner!’ This is true democracy.
                  Bravo all the farmers including men, women and children who have become part of this peaceful confluence. May God bless the country of farmers and hardworking people. Nowhere have I seen before such an example of mega streams of love, brotherhood and harmony forming into an ocean of a Peaceful Protest! This is no hyperbole to say that this unique protest is truly the eighth wonder of the world ! May Almighty also bless the political leaders with enough sense not to stir a tsunami out of the serene tributaries.
                   Let justice and peace prevail.      

Spills from life: Enigma of Guru Nanak’s simplicity

                            Please read the article to the end for understanding the complete purpose of my writing. It was Guru Nanak’s birthday on the 30th Nov and for those who don’t know who he is, Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikh philosophy and first of the ten Sikh gurus. He was born in 1469 in India, more than four centuries before the country was divided in two- India and Pakistan.
                           His message contained of the spiritual truth as well as social reform through purging of the mindset. If we think right, we build healthy society which creates collective good karma pushing the doors of spiritual enlightenment open. One of the Guru’s founding messages can be understood through the following verse:
Aval Allah Noor Upaya – Everything is created out of radiance of the same energy
Kudrat ke sab bande– All humanity belongs to the one radiant spiritual power
Ek Noor se sab jug upjaya– From the ONE light originated the whole Universe
Kaun Bhale kaun mande– Who can then judge who is good or who is bad

                           But something really perturbed me about the relevance and effects in the current world of what the great Guru preached and practiced for the good of all humanity,  and not one sect, one caste, one class or creed in the manmade society. While browsing through the net, I came across a couple of bemusing questions based on the verse I’ve just quoted above. One lady asked , ‘ Why is a Sikh Guru writing about Allah’s greatness?’ The other person commented, “ It’s obvious that Guru Nanak was actually a Muslim peer (saint) and not a Sikh, because even he is praising and praying to Allah!” In fact, the Hindus have also been claiming that Nanak was born in to a Hindu family. All these innocent people haven’t quite grasped the essence of Nanak’s message of establishing equality and peace in ONENESS of humanity and preaching to the world the mantra of ‘Ek Omkar’, meaning that God is ONE . These are the first two words of the holy book of Sikhs, called ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. In Hindi and Punjabi language Guru means teacher and Granth means Book; this epic compilation of hymns and prayers is adorned with the title of Guru because it contains the true words of the saints and the spiritual Gurus.
                             Now returning the focus back to the comments above, let me clarify, rather proudly shout from top of the roof – ‘ Brothers and sisters, Guru belongs to all humanity and his message is about equality and peace for ALL! And the literal meaning of the word Allah is GOD!! Not a Muslim God or Sikh God or Hindu God or Christian God or any other God belonging to a particular religion, but just a generic and universal abstract entity.  We all need to step out of the little pond and feel the vast ground under our feet or we’ll remain going round and round like a toad in a puddle.  
                          I would also like to pre-empt another potentially simmering question in a wandering mind : Why is Guru Nanak considered to be a Sikh Guru if he didn’t represent any particular religious institute? I’ll attempt to explain.
                          Guru Nanak didn’t set out to start a new religion. In fact, he introduced a new thought in the contemporary Brahmin ( A supposed upper most caste in Hinduism) dominated orthodox society enforcing its religious and social superiority over the masses in India. Brahminic anarchy was blessed by the Monarchy of the time and together they strangulated the down trodden masses. Any breath left in them was sucked out by the class- pyramid of discrimination. This is not all, women were the exploited sex in every existing religion, class and caste. For example, Sati was the most heinous of social rituals and customs in the Hindu culture of that time – It meant that when husband died, the wife was forced to enter the burning pyre alive and self- immolate as a symbol of her eternal love for the husband. Blood curdling? Yes, to say the least but Guru Nanak raised the first voice to campaign against such a senseless inhumanity. He wrote (As translated into English) :
From woman, man is born;
within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.
Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.
When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.
From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.
(Guru Nanak, Page 473 of Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh holy book).
                               This was one in the series of Guru ji’s teachings, reform movement and spiritual guidance. After Guru Nanak’s physical departure from this earth, the baton was passed on to the subsequent nine Gurus.  Those who sought Guru’s teachings  were called ‘Sikh’ or Gursikh. The Punjabi word sikh  means ‘to learn’ and Gursikh means Guru’s Sikhs or teacher’s students
                              So, the Sikhs are followers of all the ten Gurus, currently represented collectively by, ‘GURU Granth Sahib’ The most unique feature of this Granth is the fact that  though the hymns and prayers in the holy book are  predominately written by the Gurus themselves, it also contain verses written by many Sufi and Hindu Saints, as a symbol of ONENESS of God beyond the demarcations of religions. Because of Guru Nanak’s religion-less spiritual thoughts, Muslims consider him to be their Peer, Hindu Sindhis  believe in his teachings even without calling themselves Gursikhs, the converted Christians in India from Punjab believe that Guru Nanak is a saint in their faith. It’s the universal appeal of Guru Nanak’s thought that all the major religions have made a claim to this great name. Many people do not know that even the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, who baptised the Sikhs in to becoming the Khalsa or the Pure, also had Muslims and Hindus amongst his followers, without changing their religion. What does that mean? Well, the tenth Guru preached that so long one is true to humanity, is true to his individual religion, in line with Guru Nanak’s teachings. There was no ‘conversion’ enforced, so Sikhs became Khalsa out of free will. The Khalsa Sikhs ( baptised and called Singh ) and Sikhs ( all those who believed in the teachings of the Gurus) coexisted as Gursikhs. It is the case even now.
                                    I am pre-empting another question of a sceptic mind- ‘ Why create Khalsa if anyone from any religion could also be a sikh, as per the tradition since Guru Nanak?’ I’ll need to give a synopsis of the historical background to explain this point. The Mughal rulers in India at the time were forcing the Hindus to convert to Islam or face death. Hindus and Muslims looked alike and when Muslim armies used to attack, the Hindus tried to save their lives by pretending to be Muslim so their lives could be spared. But the unique identity with the beard and turban inspired pride in self and courage to fight for their just rights. Guru Gobind Singh wanted to prepare a strong mental state which would not accept injustice and  oppression. So along with building the spiritual character, he also demonstrated how to raise one’s spirit and achieve freedom which is every human being’s right. Isn’t this pure spiritualism? Isn’t feeling free within and outside the ultimate state of mind to become One with the Almighty? When a Khalsa Sikh stood in front of a Muslim soldier, he was instantly recognised, without any doubts. So when one is faced with the enemy there is no other option left but to stand firm and show the tenacity to fight back to defend yourself and  fellow humans. Encouraged by the success of many victories in the battlefield, a number of people from diverse faiths joined Guru Gobind Singh’s army and followed Sikhism in its principles. The tenth Guru sacrificed his four sons, mother and father to win the cause against injustice. In fact, five of the ten Gurus directly led the struggle in the battlefields against all the contemporary oppression of the defenceless innocent people in the Indian region. Sikh Philosophy is like the two sides of the same coin, named Miri and Piri by the fifth Guru, Hargobind Singh- Miri means the political or worldly power ( only Just power that is used to save and defend in order to restore peace to all humanity) and Piri means quest for spiritual truth . And it all started with the progressive thought of Guru Nanak for the good of all.
                                          So, Guru Nanak  demonstrated that social justice, recognising personal rights as equal human beings, living with dignity were the foundation stones for building belief in self which prepares the right mindset to connect with God.  A true Sikh wouldn’t disrespect any other religion or spiritual philosophy. Only if we human beings could stop being possessive and obsessive about ‘whose God’ is greater, this world could be a beautiful place to cohabit blissfully. After all, it’s a journey together and not a contest.
                                   Hope I’ve explained my context in simplicity, even though the subject matter is as deep as the ocean and no one can count every drop in it. I can say categorically that I am happy to be a Sikh, a novice student who shall continue to try on the path shown by the Gurus , even if I limp through most of it.  
                                     Sikhism belong to all – after all aren’t we all Sikhs of the faith we follow, regardless of the name of the religion?  

Spills from life: Can we ever eradicate racism?

            I was watching a YouTube video called, ‘ The lie that invented racism’ by John Biewen while speaking at Ted Talks. It was refreshing to hear such a novel perspective of this age old issue that has created so much antagonism, woe, hurt and mistrust amongst the same family members of HUMAN clan for generations. This article is inspired by John’s thought provocation.
            Rather than dwelling too much in to detail of the whole speech, I would love to explore the highlights that froze me to undivided attention. So, take the most comfortable position in case it has the same effect on you. 😉
            John said that it’s not about a white person ‘feeling guilty’ about slavery or racism as history is not fault of everyone living today. John carries on to say that it is about ‘taking responsibility’.
            This concept of responsibility goes deeper in its connotations for me. But I think it’s relevant to first explore how racism was born,  at least as per the first recorded chronicles.
            Racism is an invention of a lie based on the fake theory that whiteness is superior. This seed of thought was sown in chronicles written by Zurara during the reign of King Edward of Portugal in the 15th century who commissioned this diabolic propaganda which, like a pied piper, led the mankind in to the abyss of inhumanity. It is not a rhetoric or a conspiracy theory but a fact recorded as history. This post might not be for those who support denial or refusal to accept; I request them to feel free to exit reading at this point, as I don’t mean to offend but can’t force truth to wear garments. Carrying on, the reason for this propaganda was to help business of slavery flourish for profit, which made racism a tool for the slave trade at a global level.
            To boost this evil plan, it was essential to create division amongst coexisting human beings. So, the Africans were chosen as the scape goat and described by Zurara as the inferior race and the white skin colour was imposed as a sign of superiority. Thus, the then innocent human psyche was corrupted for the first time in racial terms. There have been diverse divisions amongst the human race at various levels but this was far the most dangerous, long- standing and far reaching weapon of mass destruction ever invented.
            Morally this claim was wrong from the beginning and even scientifically there is no evidence to support Zurara’s claim. Humans started their journey from Africa, another un-twisted fact from real history.  So, how did variation in skin colour develop?  Simple scientific reason is in our movement around the four corners of this earth. Those who travelled to the northern and darker areas gradually turned lighter due to loss of the skin melanin, but the ones who stayed in Africa or moved to the southern hemisphere remained darker due to the amount of melanin retained. So there is absolutely no basis for superiority or inferiority just founded on the colour of the skin.
            But unfortunately the rhetoric influenced a particular mass of men and women and thus racism, based on colour, became an efficient tool to manipulate the human race at large by few controlling forces at the top. We have to snatch the power from the few top dogs and stop our own exploitation. To ignite a change is our collective responsibility.
            But it’s sad that this tool is still very much a divisive technique politically, socially and financially even in today’s world. Afterall, isn’t it another form of slavery in the current society where your thought is subjugated and programmed by the faceless masters, regardless of the colour, creed or nationality? In fact, when we talk about infliction of white superiority, the idea wasn’t just forced upon the black masses but the white population was brain washed in to believing this too. So both sides were equally affected by the manipulation but the consequences were categorically contrast for each side. Nevertheless, both sides were divided to be exploited for the benefit of a small elite community. What we need is a unique effect that would have a universal consequence for all human beings. But how do we get there? The hounds of hatred have broken all barricades and have bitten a considerable human mindset, whereby the populace is kept busy hating and fighting with one another while the few profit from their oblivion of the truth. The only anti-dot for such a strain of rabies is mutual understanding and open dialogue.
We can do it as many of us already recognise a common factor – we all share exploitation at the hands of the same establishment globally. Let’s march forward together from here.
            What I understand by the term ‘responsibility’ from John’s speech is for ‘all the white population to join the voice’ against this shameful smear on the fabric of humanity. We need to wash this stain out together. Cleansing human conscious is our collective responsibility.
            Fortunately, more and more of white fellow- human-kind is joining the chorus and the other side has begun to hear, but a long way to go still before they actually listen and understand it too. Acceptance of the harsh truth when madness danced naked and demonstrated the ugly debauchery of the sunken soul, would be a battle won before winning the war. We would be united truly when no one defends, denies, mitigates or cover up what has been  happening in reality. All must clench their fists and raise them together to proclaim that what had happened was WRONG and IMMORAL and thus must be ended so that no sadistic thought ever dare to step over the threshold of our minds again.  Acknowledgement too is our collective responsibility.  
Yes, racism is nemesis of all collective humanity weakening en masse systematically. I, as a non-white person, am not interested to fester never ending grudges, however I would expect, as a matter of decency, humanity and respect for the truth, that the white fellow beings stand together with me and all those who were at the receiving end of the shameless history. Thus Standing together too is our collective responsibility.
            Is it too much to ask? Don’t think so. Anyone with conflicting view is entitled to an opinion but I have to say- I really don’t care, as I desire to move forward and not slow down by mulish arguments of wordy dribble. Standing at the common line is the only starting point from where the race (no pun intended) begins to claim the victory. We have to run together and win this marathon. This is our collective responsibility.
Exploiting the space is an intellectual achievement, no doubt but let’s strengthen the foundations of our home on planet Earth first before hoisting another flag of victory on a new planet. To build peaceful life on earth is our ultimate collective responsibility.

Law of Attraction: Sometimes just affirmations are enough

                   When you feel the affirmation, even one is enough  

1 I am improving myself on daily basis, mentally and physically.
2. I have the power to change.
3. I take care of myself.
4. I am successful.
5. I am constantly grateful to the Universe for all I have.
6. I believe in me.
7. I love and respect myself and seek qualities in others to respect and learn from.
8. I feel close to myself.
9. I am at peace with who I am.
10. I choose to forgive myself and others.
11. I have the capacity to pull myself through in to the positive state of mind.
12. I am youthful beyond the age of numbers.
13. I nurture my desire as a child.
14. I live in the Present.
15. I am the co-creator of my life.
16. I practise meditation every day.
17. I love the Universe inside and around me.
18. I have moved on from my Past.
19. I am on the path for a better future.
20. It’s ok to feel all my feelings.
21. I take responsibility for my life.
22. I am brave, wise and ready.
23. I am healthy with strong mind and body.
24. I am grateful for my life and that of my family.
25. I feel abundant.

Spills from life: How ageism can affect mental health

Everyone goes through the ageing process of life and most of us are subjected to social bullying called the Ageism. I am motivated to write on this topic in the wake of ever increase in the stats for mental disability and also the fact that someone close to me has been a victim of ignorant callousness.
One of my ex-colleagues went through depression after she retired at the age of 60. Even a strong character like her was pushed down by bigot mentality and eventually she felt almost guilty about her age which developed into an inferiority complex. Remarks like, ‘You’ll be out of place there’, ‘ your active days are over now’, ‘ You should act your age,’ ‘ that style might look better on a younger person, etc. ravaged her life and it manifested in the form of recluse, withdrawal, eating disorder, to name a few symptoms. She is an educated and a very intelligent person, who pulled herself through mental illness with self- motivation and is currently dedicated to volunteering to help elderly in the nursing homes. I am sure that there are tens of thousands of people who are or have gone through such victimisation.

 Suddenly you start noticing that references are made to your age in almost all spheres of conversation and interactions by those who are younger than you, the same age-group and even the ones who are older.  Your ears are eroded with the sound of phrases like, ‘At your age’, ‘as you grow older’, ‘your generation’, ‘ doesn’t go with your age’, and many more such inequitable phrases. In certain orthodox countries like India, Nigeria, Malaysia and Nepal it is a tradition to call anyone older as Aunty or Uncle without any real relationship. This is fine so far respect is concerned, but when overdone becomes offending. My sister in India had a baby when she was in her late twenties and many people couldn’t believe that she was a mother of a child as she looked so young. But on the other side, those who had seen her with the baby and could be 4-5 years younger than herself started addressing her as ‘Aunty’!🙄 She was shocked and this gave her some complex initially. My mum explained to her that it wasn’t personal since marriage was considered to be an uplift in social status so people mean to show respect. I never understood that logic and found that especially women are the recipients of such attention, in proportion. There are more indecorous ways where society almost makes you feel guilty about growing older. Many people are mentally affected by such a passive aggressive excluding attitude. No one deserves to be treated as discarded, outdated or obsolete while the heart is still beating.

Once you are labelled ‘middle age’ even God can’t influence the primitive mindset of the world – your cosmos is expected to be painted sober in pastel colours, wardrobe must accommodate for hanging longer dresses, choice of music should tone down and learn to sway to slow beat only and…and…please don’t even mention or comment on SEX!!
I’ll give you an example, I am a  qualified dancer with extensive stage and television experience. I volunteered to perform for a charity event and I was patronised by one of the organisers who said to me, very charmingly, ‘Though others are all young dancers but I am sure you can still  pull it at your age’!!! I had just turned 40 at that time and according to my mirror, mind and social links looked a very young 40 every inch of my personality.  So, my response was, ‘ I hope you are as lucky as I am when you reach my age in a couple of years.’ He was dumbfounded and didn’t speak to me rest of the evening. The shoe was on the other foot- He was 25 and I was being sarcastic. 😜.  
Even the doctors start to use age as an excuse for the symptoms they can’t diagnose. Well, I’ve experienced this since I turned 35 years old and it’s getting younger and younger for newer and newer health strains.
I not only protest but am appalled by such pre-conceived notions. How dare this society? These  People remind me of that pigeon who closes its eyes and pretends that the cat doesn’t exist but ageing is a reality, like the cat, and will dawn on every single being on this earth. I think we human beings need diverse stimuli for keeping our inner intolerance kindled. No wonder there is so much negativity around in the world- this is one virus we humans have developed in the lab of our mind and is highly infectious. We have to find an antidot to end such mindless discrimination. Only defiance would kick ass this chucklesome social deformity.  

Challenge the facetious lip-service, like, ‘ you look so young for your age‘. No thank you very much, I can look my age and be as young at heart as I feel. Another teasing insincerity lie in words like, ‘ 40 is the new 30…50 is the new 40…60 is the new…..’; I would have hailed such mental evolution if it was sincere.
I am not insisting that old people should not be called old, but not as a derogatory judgement in a condescending way by mentally yoking together ‘old’ and ‘unable’ ( I am not talking about disability here.) Let people age as they would like to individually- dye hair any colour you fancy or leave the natural glory of grey shine through , dress up as a peacock if you would like to and poke in the eye  phrases like ‘ mutton dressed as lamb’, your bedroom is your domain and don’t let a kaput mentality peep through your privacy, be a party diva and swirl through the lame party poopers. In short, live your life and to the fullest by your choice and not as per the expectations of others. Be the trend setter and others will follow. Don’t let anyone push you in to a cubbyhole and for God’s sake don’t stop living before you die.
Everything matures to its prime with time. There wouldn’t have been any history recorded for mankind, had not the chronicles been collated by the experienced generations of the time and experience itself develops with age. Captain Tom Moore raised £32 million at the age of 99 for Covid-19, At 85, Theodor Mommsen receive a Nobel Prize in Literature, Fauja Singh ran a marathon at 100, and many more such names and achievements that my article can’t possible absorb. My motto here is not that every mature person need to make records to prove their worth, but to highlight the fact that there are levels of abilities in all people, regardless of age –  not every young person is a picture of youth, similarly the older people can be average normal human beings too.
I know I am prepared with my boxing gloves to knock the hell out of this  sickness in society. Please join me, whatever your age, by leaving a comment.

New launch on this blog: ‘The Spills from Life’

I am thrilled to launch a new angle to my blog- ‘ The Spills of Life’! This is aimed at sharing any emotion, experience or issue one may feel is ‘better out than in’. Emotions can push a person over the edge and yet, can also rationalise a problem to restore equilibrium. So, the aim of introducing another perspective to my site is to share those aspects of life which might first appear to be merely some troubling whispers but their constant rumbling can deafen a person. No issue in life is too small to be ignored and no issue is big enough that it can’t be resolved. My posts would appear on my blog under two different headings: 1. ‘Law of Attraction’, followed by the sub-title of the article and 2. ‘ Spills from Life’, followed by the sub-title of the article. This would make it easier for the readers to choose their preference. I aim to post the first article tomorrow on the topic of ageism.  Hope for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you in anticipation.