The world of God’s making vs the world of man’s making vs the world made of regret: 25/40 candles of hope

God made heaven of this earth, with beautiful creatures sharing its peaceful bliss. Then the man was blessed with freedom to make a superior choice between the cunning of mind or the innocence of heart.
Man chose poorly and many of the God’s creatures were eliminated for fun, for greed and ego. Man also killed senselessly his own.
God has now chosen this time to announce his justice. The cunning of man has been challenged by the might of the Omnipotent.  
It’ll take greater efforts to appease God. There is no time like now for a sincere remorse and amends. Wake up before the choice is withdrawn. Submit your selfish immorality to salvage your soul.
Stop socio- political wars and build peace, Stop profiting from death and sow seeds of life, Stop bigoted small talks and embrace humanity, Stop abusing the earth and show respect.
Then, submit to the belief in the benevolence of the ONE true power in this universe- the Universe itself. Only sincere remorse and honest amends can appease the Maker we’ve so betrayed.

A tale of a stone that’ll give you a hope for a COVID free world: Light the 24th candle of belief

Once upon a time, there was a slow-witted man in a remote village in India who was harassed by people and afflicted with name callings, such as, scatterbrained, nutty and woodenhead. But he was called with one name consistently, Pagal (mad).  It seemed that misery was teasing him too- he was an orphan and was like a puppy in the street, just looking for two things in life- refuge and food, since love was an alien concept for a life that had tough row to hoe. On one cold night of winter, Pagal entered the village temple for a warm shelter in a quiet corner but the priest had him thrown out. The superstition held him as a cursed soul and a bad omen for others. The temple priest told everyone that only the blessed souls can enter the temple and he didn’t want a deranged soul to cast a shadow on the holy idols of their favourite deity, Vishnu, who is believed by Hindus to be the god of preserving life and protector of the universe. So, Pagal was banished from the village.
A few days had passed when an elderly man passing by saw Pagal sleeping in a warm cuddle with a dog in the street. The old man smiled and put his hand on Pagal’s shoulder, which woke him with a shudder, afraid that another cruel hand might want to cause him pain again. But when he saw a friendly glance emitting a loving glow on him, he sat up in total shock. No one had ever smiled at him with kindness. The old man said to him, ‘ Son, don’t be afraid I am not here to hurt you.’ With these words he took out a rolled paper pack from his pocket and unwrapped a few rotis ( kind of pancakes) with pickle and offered it to Pagal, who accepted the roti and tore it into two parts- one for the dog and one for himself. They both savoured every morsel and while Pagal thanked the old man for his kindness, the dog wagged his tail in appreciation. The old man asked the poor outcast his name and said, ‘ I can feel pain in your eyes and I also know that you are a brave person to have endured so much for so long, and still hold no malice in your heart. You have not forgotten gratitude and kindness. You are not the pagal, it’s the villagers who are mad. From today your new name is Himat ( courage) and I’ll give you your very own god, who’ll save you from all perils so long you believe in it. When you want to call him, just think about him with closed eyes and he’ll help you.’ Pagal was very excited when the old man took out a stone and handed it to him. ‘Always keep it with you. This is your God now. You don’t need to go in to the temple as your Deva (deity) has come to you.’ With this the old man went away and Pagal kept the stone pressed close to his heart. He built a tiny heap of mud as a  temple and placed the stone on top. Every night after the village would go to sleep, he would sneak in to the village hunting for food in the waste bins and whatever he could get he would share with his dog and thank his god before eating.
It wasn’t long before the villagers came to know that Pagal had built his own temple with a mound of earth and he even has a magical stone that he calls his Vishnu. The villagers marched behind the priest to confront him for his blasphemy but saw him in deep meditation besides the holy mound of earth. The priest thought of a brutal plan. He asked villagers to get straw and arranged it around Pagal before setting it ablaze. The whole village stood there with heinous expectation and the sky suddenly changed – dark clouds roared and lightening struct down many villagers including the priest while the rain smothered the fire. Just then Pagal opened his eyes and saw many villagers dead around him, which brought a tear to his eye. Seeing this, the villagers asked Pagal for forgiveness and protection. He smiled and said, ‘ That Pagal has long gone, what you see here is Himat now. My Deva has taught me the essence of life- don’t lose your belief or compassion as god exists only in an honest heart. I am a mere servant of my master, Vishnu. Only he can protect.’  They all  prayed to the stone, the god, for mercy and the sky became clear again. On that day, Himat was made the priest of the temple and only the old man’s stone was worshipped as the true image of Vishnu.
I don’t need to deduce the moral of this story as it’s clear. The stone is not important but it’s your belief that makes it the God, Belief gives us courage, Belief brings compassion, Belief invokes blessings and only Belief can protect us. May I conclude by saying that the message of  Law of Vibration is exactly the same- Believe in your desire and that will raise your vibration to a frequency where anything can be manifested.
Let us all put our belief in the Universe and the protection for all humanity will emerge from this faith. I’ll light the 24th candle in hope.              

Love or fear… — A Spiritual Being Human

When you get down to the nitty gritty, there are only two emotions. Love creates appreciation, joy, happiness, trust, peace and acceptance in the unfolding. Fear creates negativity, control, worry, mistrust of life. Love is light, love is freedom. Fear is power. Fear controls. And we get to choose where we direct our thoughts. I […]

Love or fear… — A Spiritual Being Human

Let Law of Vibration create a ripple to save all life from COVID-19: light the 23/40 candle

Today I touched the bowl of water with the tip of my finger and it sent a ripple through the container. It looked just like on the holiday video where my son tossed a tiny pebble in the Udaipur lake and it stimulated the entire water to expand into a dancing circle. What’s common here? It’s the vibration that my hand and the pebble created. The whole universe is vibrating incessantly at a set frequency and that’s exactly what each life is – a vibration. Everyone’s vibration pulsates at a frequency. What it means is that every individual has his/her own thought pattern ( our vibration) that creates a ripple of feelings and when this ripple ( or frequency) aligns with the frequency of the Universe, we connect with our maker- this is what it means by ‘becoming one with God’. It’s our vibration that sculptures our life. This is the grand plan of the Universe, laid out through the Law of Vibration. Let me elucidate this concept further.       
When we really feel our thoughts, it sends out a signal to the recipient of our feelings, which some refer to as telepathy. You must have heard the expression, ‘Love at first sight!’ It means that a chain of communication starts entirely through the vibration of a thought that triggered an intense feeling between the two people mutually.
Similarly, when we actually feel our meditation intensely within ourselves the vibration of our very being reaches the highest frequency. How do you feel meditation? Well, people have diverse experiences, but I can only quote my own here. I have felt the goose pimples, felt as if in trance, feeling physically numb, and I think now you’ve got the gist. This is the spiritual state one must achieve before even contemplating manifestation of our desire. I would like to define the concept of meditation which, in my views, is not necessarily an immobile body stance in a lotus position with eyes closed- although grounding yourself in a yoga sitting posture is an effective way to calm your mind.  Reference to two of my previous blogs might answer a few more questions here: ‘Meditation technique that worked for me’ & ‘You must establish WHY you are meditating.’  
However, during the lockdown even though we have the right time to practise meditation, many of us might struggle to find a quiet spot to focus at home with the entire family around all the time. In such a situation I would  connect with the Universe through my silent thoughts while life is humming around and no one else even suspect what I am thinking about (:  I often get this feeling of elation deep within when I look at the sky. No matter what the other family members are getting up to, I’ll stand by the window and just look at the blue airspace, which, for me, symbolises tranquillity, freedom and contentment. This state makes me feel connected with my inner peace and hence with the divinity itself. You can have a different spiritual stimulus because the focus is getting that telepathic communication going with the Universe and this would be the befitting moment to thank the universe to manifest your blissful wish.
In our normal day to day life we congest our mind with a hoard of thoughts about how to win every man-made race. So, now is a chance to reflect and take advantage of the quarantine to practise the meditative state of vibrational elation.  Carry on practising and raise your vibration higher and higher, and soon what was your last aspirational point will become your next starting point. You would know when you have raised your frequency – once you find yourself smiling without even realising, you feel excited despite the announcement of the lockdown extension, when you don’t feel angry even though a family member has said something annoying, you feel free inside despite in isolation, you feel hopeful despite the plague ravaging your town. At every level of vibration, don’t forget to wish for your own protection and that of others by the Universe. There is no limit to desire but one at a time is a steady rule to success. Believe and feel aligned to the frequency of the Universe, and your life is manifested. Time to light the 23rd candle to fulfil our wish for a peaceful planet with healthy living beings.  

Well being, well planet… — A Spiritual Being Human

I realise my perspective is slightly off centre, but all perspectives are valid, that is what makes us all so important in this global mix of consciousness. We all matter as we are all unique. At the moment we are being tested, a virus doesn’t have boundaries and does not care whether you are rich […]

Well being, well planet… — A Spiritual Being Human

Clap for all humanity to announce war on COVID-19: Light the 22/40 candle for bravery

I have and will continue to clap for the NHS, all global doctors, carers, nurses and scientists, along with the other key workers. But who are these mystery key workers? Hand on heart, don’t most of us think that the clapping is only for the NHS? Others who might know that there are other applaudable categories too, but struggle to name them all. If you know the details, then you have read the small print and well done, Sirs/Mses. After reading varied articles, blogs, and listening to the News channels and indeed many friends, it seems that their information is either restrictive or indeed a bit patchy about the poor employees on this long list. So, I would like to make a point to clap for all the key workers: Health and social care, Education and childcare (though the schools are now closed), Key Public services- justice system, religious staff ( Though religious places are now closed) and Journalists, National and Local Government, Food and other necessary goods providers, Public security and National security, Transport, Utilities, Communication and Financial Services.
May I also add those brave souls in the shadows who are abiding by Law and in some cases the lockdown is like being out of the frying pan but too close to the fire. Yes, I am talking about those helpless children behind the shut doors in quarantine hell with their abusers, those desperate women and indeed also the men who are a tempting substitute for a punching bag, the elderly, especially who are living by themselves, families with young children who do not have the privilege of a back garden and who are on a mental roller coaster perpetually, and many more of my fellow human beings with many more challenging scenarios, but are still soldiering on to stay safe so others can live too. I will also not forget to clap for me, for you, for the neighbours and millions of the faceless lovely beings around the world who I feel for but don’t know by names, as indeed all the those who read this post. I light the 22nd candle of faith with hearty compassion. Hope you join me.

Poor vs Rich against COVID-19: Light 21/40 in hope

I have heard enough stories about only poor people who have died at home due no resources to get them the medical help on time, there is shortage of masks so the government advise that there is no need for it, transport drivers dying as unsung heroes, Doctors and nurses losing their lives in the line of duty yet no PPE or even tests, and it goes on. On the other hand, politicians are amongst the first people to be tested – I can die if there are no doctors, but I can bloody well survive well without a politician. I am also not talking about ‘one or the other’ sort of justice but fairness for all. If there is scarcity, then prioritise but sensibly according to the need not privilege. Also act quickly rather than procrastinating a healthy decision in balance with accounts. We are living beings, not numbers; so, add and multiply the lifesaving benefits rather than subtracting equipment that can save lives and stop dividing us based on our economic status, along with all the rest of diversity. I would say to the elitists- ‘If you haven’t learned a single lesson from the current situation, then it’s only a matter of time when eventually you will drive your horses off the cliff. But there’s still time, wake up and join the common mass of men for united we stand, as always.’ I have locked my current feelings in the poem beneath and for our unity against the common enemy, I light the 21st candle of hope. Please join me.
The privileged will fight but with their tender hand in glove
Like digging the numbers precious with gorget advantageous
As not felt by the masses who dare to live with just moxie
Yet be called the common man, disparagingly by the shielded.
To be on the frontier line, seeing eye to eye the enemy invisible
Who kills with the same hand the rich, the poor and the elite.
Should we see it as more Just in its blind killing spree fair?
Or conquer the foe to learn our divisive ways so cruel?
Some men grasped the art of greed and make a killing with it
As the ordinary man is ready to fight the war most extraordinary.
The opulent fight from behind the guarded walls so tall and broad
While the man in the dust hide in the bush with no masks, no shields.
The weapon of safety might arrive late but we have lives to save
So fight with brain before brawn is gained and change the battle plan.
Not yet the time to march the field, so, dig deep a trench to wait  
As the common man must self-restrain, stay low before he shouts.
We will win the battle and the war to fly the flag for commonalty
Those who call us ordinary, we will also save without prejudice.