Law of Attraction: All fear is not negative

Once upon a time in a remote village, three children were left at home by themselves while the parents had to go out for some important work. Mum and dad asked kids to be careful while they were gone. However they didn’t want the kids to panic, so they reassured them too, “ Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon.” The three brothers heard the same words but understood three different things.  It was a very hot day. The eldest son went into his room and locked the door as well as the windows, the middle brother kept both, the door and the windows open, the youngest son went in to his room and locked the door but kept the transom windows open. When the parents returned they found that the middle son was crying as the thieves had taken all his stuff but the youngest son was safe in his room. They all knocked on the eldest son’s door but there was no answer. At last the father broke the door open to find his son lying unconscious on the bed as there was no air in the room. Later that evening the parents sat them all together and asked them to explain their actions individually. The eldest son said that he followed their instructions to be careful, so he closed the doors and all the windows. The middle son said that he too listened to his parents when they said not to worry. So he didn’t see the need to lock his door or the windows. The youngest son explained that he heard his parents too. He locked his door as a caution, but kept the little windows open for fresh air too. The parents told the three brothers that the eldest son almost suffocated himself due to excessive fear, the middle son lost his stuff because he was being too careless but only the youngest son took enough precaution while being safe too. So the moral of this story is that too much fright is paranoia and too much fearlessness is reckless, while a balance between fear and courage is perception.          
In day to day life we take so many precautions, for example, looking for the traffic while crossing the road, using oven gloves while cooking, keeping sharp objects away from the children, drinking water to avoid dehydration, an the list goes on. All these mundane actions originate from fear. It helps to avoid accidents, even though it doesn’t prevent a mishap all the time. On the other hand, kicking every precaution in the wind is recklessness. There is a certain amount of ownership in your  judgement call. Such thought originates from a disciplined mindset. You accept calculated risk and then there is a ‘bit more’ which is also called courage. This ‘bit more’ is like the transom window bringing in belief (in yourself). Such a state of mind is positive, originating from purposive fear Not all fear is bad provided it doesn’t weaken your character but guides you to grow stronger. The incentive for positivity is fear of negativity.

33 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: All fear is not negative

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that my post resonates with you. I only write posts based on my own experiences- the questions from within and the answers I receive while meditating. Appreciate your feedback once again. 🙏


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