Out of sync faith? Don’t dishearten and rescue your belief

While on the path to spiritualism on a corporeal level, most people go through phases of feeling out of sync and thus outside the vortex itself. Reasons could be diverse and are subjective to an individual’s current issues and level of progression. Don’t despair as this is quite normal for the beginners of any spiritual path including the Law of Attraction. Temporary hiccups should not be understood as an eternal strayed connection with the Universe. That would be like building a temple of negativity within your mind- don’t ring that bell as it’ll resound in your sub-conscious. I’ll share my experience and what I focused on in such a situation to revive my faith.
                                       Foremost, I grounded myself- in other words, calmed my thoughts from wandering in wilderness. I focused on myself- yes, exclusively on myself! Remember that you are the vessel which transports you to the rendezvous point where you can meet the Universe, the God, the Nirankar or whichever pet name you’ve given to your belief-power. I started at the preliminary stage of analysis –Zeroing in on the situation that un-hinged me. I asked myself questions to establish my current state of mind and faith.  Where am I in my belief? My answer resounded within – ‘ I believe in the abstract force of the Universe but am not feeling it lately; ’What am I really seeking at this stage of my faith?’ My sub-conscious tapped to say, ‘ Would like to feel connected with my belief again’, and so on * Ref: previous blog. Since the elucidations came spontaneously and spoke with un-adulterated truth, I knew that I was beginning to connect with myself . In other words, the restoration of my faith had begun and I felt back on the  track. I embraced the positivity developing inside me and held tight to it along with carrying on with regular date with self. No matter how many meditative sittings this stage might require, keep your ears close and keep turning the dial- the vault shall open soon.
                                     Trick from thenceforth is not to drop the ball now, so to say. Persevere and build back your belief block by block. You will soon be in even a better position than you previously were, provided you’ve achieved the following affirmations at this stage:
‘Yes, I do believe in the power of the Universe’.
‘Yes, I believe the Universe can manifest my wishes in to reality’.
‘Yes, I am peaceful within myself’.
                                    Now, it’s time to practise and not feel guilty. Revive your belief, as you CAN. You just need the WILL to do so.
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